Simona Apartment: Sleek Design in Italy

Discover the Simona Apartment, a testament to contemporary elegance in the heart of Milan, Italy. Designed in 2022 by the renowned Francesco Cardano, this apartment blends modern aesthetics with the historical charm of Milan.

Experience luxury living where sophisticated design meets urban convenience in one of Italy’s most vibrant cities.

Modern living room with beige sofa, wooden accents, and minimalist decor.
Modern living room with sleek furniture and elegant lighting fixtures.
Modern kitchen with wood accents, central island, and pendant light.
Modern kitchen with white cabinetry, wooden accents, and bar stools.
Modern kitchen interior with wooden cabinets and integrated appliances.
Modern kitchen with sleek furniture, neutral tones, and natural light.
Modern living room with a white sofa, wooden accents, and pendant lighting.
Modern home office with wooden desk, laptop, and large window with curtains.
Modern home office with orange desk, wood paneling, and pendant lights.
Modern living room with large windows, plants, and wooden furniture.
Modern bedroom with tropical wallpaper and minimalist decor.
Modern bedroom with tropical wallpaper and a wooden partition leading to the bathroom.
Modern bathroom with wood accents and tropical-themed shower.
Modern bathroom with a sunken tub, gray tiles, wood accents, and ambient

About Simona Apartment

Welcoming Elegance

Upon entry, the open-concept living space embraces you with its warm wooden accents and understated hues. The plush sofa offers an invitation to unwind, while the sleek entertainment unit reflects the apartment’s modern functionality.

A Culinary Canvas

The journey through the apartment reveals a kitchen where form meets function. The monochromatic tones are uplifted by wooden details and modern lighting, creating a culinary sanctuary that is both inviting and efficient for the urban gourmand.

Intimate Retreats

In the private alcove of comfort, the bedroom presents a bold yet soothing retreat with tropical motifs set against a canvas of tranquility. The workspace adjacent to it marries simplicity with inspiration, offering a serene environment for creativity to flourish.

Each room in the Simona Apartment, from the spa-like tranquility of the bathroom to the botanical embrace of the balcony, is a chapter in a story of modern elegance and comfort, penned by the visionary Francesco Cardano in the heart of Milan.

Photography courtesy of Francesco Cardano

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- by Matt Watts