Vracar Apartment: A Serene Modern Retreat in Belgrade

Explore Vracar Apartment, Freya Architects‘ latest masterpiece in Belgrade, Serbia. This modern haven merges Japanese and Indonesian elegance with sustainable design, featuring graphic windows and an eco-friendly kitchenette from recycled wine bottles. It’s a tranquil, culturally rich retreat designed for relaxation.

Modern living room with black built-in shelves, a gray sofa, and a balcony
Modern living room with sleek black built-in shelving and wood flooring.
Modern living space with sofa, black coffee table, and adjoining dining area.
Modern kitchen with dining area, wooden floors, and potted plant.
Modern kitchen with beige cabinetry and terrazzo countertops.
Modern dining area with sleek furniture and pendant lighting, viewed through a doorway.
Modern minimalist bedroom with built-in closets and neutral tones.

About Vracar Apartment

Modern Living Redefined

Large, graphic windows with black frames define this apartment, set in a brand-new building. The fixed layout and flooring presented a unique challenge, yet also an opportunity for creativity.

Furthermore, the apartment’s design draws heavily on Japanese and Indonesian cultures, reflecting the owners’ extensive travels. The goal was to craft a visually clean space that radiates relaxation and tranquility. Inspired by Japanese writing, black ink on rice paper, the design integrates papyrus white and graphite, alongside the cold beige tones reminiscent of Indonesian beaches.

A Centerpiece of Harmony

At the heart of the apartment lies the living room, anchored by a striking black cube made of natural oak. This feature not only serves as a focal point but also harmoniously brings together the space. Adjacent to it, a kitchenette awaits, perfect for intimate dinners. The countertop, crafted from recycled wine bottles, echoes the owner’s past as a sommelier and winemaker, blending functionality with a personal story.

Finally, two bedrooms offer sanctuary with their large beds and modest wardrobes, promising a restful pause after the day’s endeavors.

Eco-Friendly Elegance

The choice of materials throughout the apartment speaks to a commitment to sustainability. From the living room’s eco-friendly countertop to the natural oak, every element underscores an eco-conscious design philosophy. This approach not only creates a serene living environment but also pays homage to the owners’ professional and personal backgrounds, making the Vracar Apartment a true embodiment of modern, sustainable living.

Photography courtesy of Freya Architects

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- by Matt Watts