Eternal Spring: Where Vintage Meets Modern

Discover Eternal Spring, a semi-detached house in Wrocław, Poland, meticulously designed by Wojtyczka Pracownia Projektowa. Tailored for an energetic couple and their feline companions, this home merges contemporary with vintage flair.

A sprawling garden extends the living space, flooded with natural light, setting a stage for the rich, colorful interiors envisioned by the owners. From the kitchen, adorned in blue and copper, to the Art Deco-inspired privacy of the upstairs, every corner of Eternal Spring vibrates with life and warmth, embodying a year-round spring ambiance.

A cozy living room with a mustard sofa, wooden accents, and two cats.
Modern living room with mustard sofa, green cabinet, and wood paneling.
Modern dining room with wooden table, chairs, and pendant light.
Modern kitchen with blue cabinets, herringbone floor, and copper accents.
Minimalist interior with pastel walls, herringbone floor, and modern furniture
Warm-toned hallway with hardwood floors, plants, and a cat walking.
Elegant hallway with herringbone wood floor and pastel walls.
Modern bedroom with a large textured artwork above the headboard and warm-tone accents.
A cozy bedroom corner with a velvet headboard, decorative pillows, and mood lighting
Modern bathroom with red tiled walls, black and white floor, and white fixtures.

About Eternal Spring

Dive into the heart of Wrocław, where an energetic couple and their two cats find solace in a vibrant semi-detached home. This abode, nestled on the city’s outskirts, boasts a sprawling garden that seamlessly extends the living room’s ambiance outdoors. Sunshine floods the space, illuminating a rich color palette that brings the interiors to life.

A Symphony of Colors

Małgorzata Wojtyczka of the Wojtyczka Design Studio masterminded this colorful haven, ensuring spring’s presence year-round. The kitchen, the home’s soul, showcases blue hues and copper accents, enhancing its vibrancy. Geometric tiles and a grooved blue base on the kitchen island add unique touches, visible from the living area. The design cleverly merges the kitchen and living room, creating a lively daily zone anchored by a dining space. The strategic use of color defines each area, offering both unity and distinction.

Vintage Meets Contemporary

The living room reveals vintage inspirations with a modern twist. A refurbished chest of drawers, now sporting a contemporary look, adorns a wall paneling. A mustard sofa ties the room together, harmonizing with the blue and green palette. The choice of herringbone-patterned vinyl flooring adds a cozy touch, while a hidden wardrobe in the corridor cleverly conceals cat litter boxes, blending functionality with design.

Art Deco Elegance Upstairs

Ascending to the first floor, the ambiance shifts to darker, Art Deco-inspired interiors. Despite their moody tones, these rooms burst with color. The bedroom’s dirty pink bed, set against warm wallpaper tones, and a unique Cuban souvenir add personality. Dark vinyl flooring and wooden paneling, along with maavo-designed furniture, create a cohesive and stylish space.

Bathroom: A Bold Statement

The journey to the bathroom, via a staircase adorned with decorative stucco and a golden balustrade, prepares the senses for a bold experience. Inside, a striking red palette meets mesmerizing black and white tiles, creating an invigorating space. Despite its compact size, the bathroom accommodates a large washbasin cabinet with dual sinks—a crucial feature for the homeowners. Mirrors expand the space visually, complemented by golden accents that add a touch of luxury.

This Wrocław home stands as a testament to thoughtful design, where every element plays a crucial role in crafting a vibrant, living environment.

Photography by Mood Authors

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- by Matt Watts