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The House of Strangers: Vintage-Inspired Family Retreat

Rustic-chic living space with exposed beams and a sleek staircase.

Experience a unique vacation home renovation at The House of Strangers, located in Rosà, Italy. Designed by Dario Scanavacca, this charming property boasts vintage-inspired interiors with pastel walls and wooden floors, offering a perfect blend of rustic charm and modern comfort.

Built for a family residing abroad, this three-level house features a cozy entertainment area on the ground floor, a spacious living area on the first floor, and a relaxing sleeping area on the top floor. Explore the seamless integration of vintage furniture, pastel wallpapers, and exposed wooden ceilings that reflect the owners’ style preferences.

Eternal Spring: Where Vintage Meets Modern

Modern bedroom with a large textured artwork above the headboard and warm-tone accents.

Discover Eternal Spring, a semi-detached house in Wrocław, Poland, meticulously designed by Wojtyczka Pracownia Projektowa. Tailored for an energetic couple and their feline companions, this home merges contemporary with vintage flair.

A sprawling garden extends the living space, flooded with natural light, setting a stage for the rich, colorful interiors envisioned by the owners. From the kitchen, adorned in blue and copper, to the Art Deco-inspired privacy of the upstairs, every corner of Eternal Spring vibrates with life and warmth, embodying a year-round spring ambiance.

East-West: Blending Cultures in Kyiv’s Luxury Apartment

FeaturedEast-West: Blending Cultures in Kyiv’s Luxury Apartment

Step into East-West, a stunning 2023 loft apartment in Kyiv, Ukraine, designed by Loft Buro. This exquisite space combines colonial and loft elements, showcasing panoramic city views and a harmony of European and Eastern influences.

Experience a unique blend of tradition and modernity in every detail, from vibrant colors to natural materials, in this architectural marvel.

Wuhan UICENTER Showroom: A Vintage Oasis by Bluemoon Design

FeaturedWuhan UICENTER Showroom: A Vintage Oasis by Bluemoon Design

Wuhan UICENTER Showroom, designed by Bluemoon Design in Wuhan, China, unveils a mesmerizing 220 sq.m (2,368 sq.ft) space. Inspired by the essence of a “black forest in the city,” this showroom beautifully juxtaposes traditional vintage aesthetics against Wuhan’s urban backdrop, offering an oasis of tranquility, vintage charm, and poetic expressions that resonate with one’s soul.

Zamoskvorech’e Apartment: Vintage Vibes Meet Wabi-Sabi

Zamoskvorech’e Apartment: Vintage Vibes Meet Wabi-Sabi

Immerse yourself in the soothing harmony of the Zamoskvorech’e apartment, a 140 square meter (1507 square feet) oasis of tranquility nestled within the bustling heart of Moscow, Russia. This captivating vintage-inspired abode, artfully crafted by PRØDECØR interior studio in 2022, harks back to the early 19th-century charm of its original building.

Engage with the past through preserved historical stucco in the hallway and a collection of nostalgic objects that spin tales of bygone eras. An embodiment of wabi-sabi design, the Zamoskvorech’e apartment embraces the beauty of imperfection, offering a respite from the urban hustle with its gentle shades and pure lines. Here, the simplicity of wood and natural fabrics reign supreme, perfectly complemented by a specially commissioned panno from artist Ulyana Khokhlova in the living room.

Ostozhenka: A Timelessly Elegant Apartment

Ostozhenka: A Timelessly Elegant Apartment

Welcome to Ostozhenka, a luxurious and vintage-style apartment located in the heart of Moscow, Russia.

Developed by Elena Zufarova for a family with two young daughters, this 130 m2 (1422 ft2) apartment offers a timelessly elegant interior with bespoke designs, decorative elements and materials that provide a lived-in feel. The project utilizes a cold color palette, accompanied by charming imperfections of hand-made finishing materials, providing a cozy and comfortable atmosphere for family life.

Airy and Luminous: Semerey Apartment in Historical Kyiv

Airy and Luminous: Semerey Apartment in Historical Kyiv

Step inside Semerey, a stunning vintage-style apartment located on the 4th floor of a historical building in Kyiv, Ukraine. Designed by Rina Lovko Studio in 2022, this luminous space boasts a long, functional hallway, a bright living area with natural textures and determined details, and a beautiful bathroom with a view. Discover the apartment’s meticulous renovation process, vintage furniture pieces, solid wooden doors, and unique bathroom design.