Chuan Chuen House Renovation: Transforming Waterside Living in Bangkok

Discover the Chuan Chuen House Renovation in Bangkok, Thailand— a private house reimagined by S+S Architects in 2023. Experience how dual-functional spaces connect seamlessly to nature and modern living through a glass house and a unique mezzanine sleeping quarter, blending interior elegance with the tranquility of waterside views.

Contemporary house with pool and glass facade.
Contemporary home with pool and wood deck under clear skies.
Modern minimalist interior with wooden furniture and staircase leading to a loft.
Modern dining room with glass ceiling and wooden furniture.
Modern dining area with glass walls overlooking a swimming pool.
Contemporary bedroom with large windows and indirect ceiling lighting.
Contemporary bedroom with wooden floors, ceiling fan, and sunlit ambiance.
Outdoor wooden deck with chairs and a table, overlooking a tranquil waterway.
Modern two-story house with a pool and wooden deck.
Modern two-story house with wooden accents and stone facade.
Modern waterfront homes against a cloudy sky.

About Chuan Chuen House Renovation

A Harmonious Blend of Nature and Modernity

Nestled in the serene Chuan Chuen village of Bangkok, the Chuan Chuen House stands as a testament to thoughtful renovation and design. S+S Architects, tasked with its third renovation in 2023, focused on enhancing the home’s connection with its beautiful waterside setting. Their designs incorporate a glass house and a cleverly constructed one-and-a-half-floor guest bedroom, both of which embrace the natural surrounding without compromising modern comfort.

Revolutionizing Space with a Glass House

The renovation’s cornerstone, the glass house, redefines the concept of living spaces. By maximizing window openings adjacent to the garden and swimming pool, it fosters a seamless indoor-outdoor connection. The ingenious addition of a glass roof, complemented by an electrical roof curtain, invites nature in while offering control over sunlight exposure. This space serves as a perfect backdrop for relaxation amidst greenery and water, epitomizing living in harmony with nature.

Elevated Comfort in a Mezzanine Guest Bedroom

The guest bedroom, skillfully designed over one and a half floors, merges functionality with aesthetic appeal. The lower level features a cozy sitting area that extends into a wooden veranda by the water, enhancing the home’s interaction with its natural environment. Above, a light-weight mezzanine sleeping quarter offers an intimate retreat, capitalizing on the house’s structure to provide both comfort and a scenic lake view.

A Sustainable Approach to Modern Challenges

Addressing the challenges of a waterside location, S+S Architects has incorporated aluminum shading panels to mitigate heat without sacrificing the view. This balanced approach ensures the house remains comfortable and energy-efficient throughout Bangkok’s sunny periods.

The Chuan Chuen House Renovation is not just a testament to S+S Architects’ innovative design but also reflects a synergy between Golf Kris’s interior design mastery and the homeowner’s landscape vision. The result is a home that stands as a beacon of modern living, seamlessly integrated with the natural beauty of its waterside setting.

Photography by Pornpanit Intapat
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- by Matt Watts