Fisherman’s Hut: Unveiling Poland’s Coastal Charm in Modern Apartments

The Fisherman’s Hut in Gdańsk, Poland, redefines seafront living through its blend of historical charm and modern elegance. Designed by Magdalena Gruszczynska, this apartment project, situated in a conservation area, offers a unique short-term rental experience. The design seamlessly integrates natural textures and colors, embodying the tranquility of coastal life.

Cozy living space with decorative plates on wall and grey sofa.
Modern kitchen with wooden table, blue cabinets, and pendant lighting.
Modern dining room with blue textured walls, wooden table, and pendant light.
Modern bedroom with patterned wallpaper, white bedding, and a ceiling fan.
Modern bedroom with patterned wallpaper and decorative ceiling light.
Contemporary bedroom with floral wallpaper and bunk beds.
Modern bedroom with built-in bunk beds, cabinets, and patterned wallpaper.
Modern bathroom interior with blue tiles and black fixtures.

About Fisherman’s Hut

Reviving Coastal Heritage with Modern Flair

The Fisherman’s Hut stands as a beacon of innovative design, nestled along the scenic seafront of Gdańsk, Poland. This architectural marvel, envisioned by Magdalena Gruszczynska and completed in 2024, captures the essence of its historic roots while embracing modern aesthetics. Initially erected in 1920, the structure has transformed into a series of apartments. These homes now serve as serene retreats for those seeking both the tranquility of the seaside and the vibrancy of an emerging hotspot. Nearby, new culinary, spa, and lodging establishments are blooming, enhancing the area’s appeal.

A Sanctuary of Textures and Hues

Our approach melded the quaint charm of the fisherman’s hut with contemporary sophistication. The interior design strategy focused on crafting spaces ideal for short-term stays that resonate with the calm of the coast. We achieved this through a meticulous selection of materials and colors. The use of reclaimed timber (sourced locally) for floors and joinery, along with creative tiling patterns and the incorporation of jute ropes, creates a tactile narrative. This narrative is further enriched by a palette drawing from the sea’s blues and greens, and the sand’s beige and neutrals, offering a sublime visual experience.

Living Spaces Where History Meets Modern Elegance

The Fisherman’s Hut Project is more than just a place to stay; it’s an immersive experience. Each design element reflects a commitment to preserving the site’s historical significance while introducing innovative ideas. From the choice of materials to the color schemes, every detail is thoughtfully curated to embody the serene, coastal ambiance. This project not only pays homage to the original fisherman’s hut design but also elevates it, presenting a harmonious blend of the past and the present. It’s an invitation to witness how the timeless allure of design and the sophistication of modern aesthetics can coexist beautifully.

Photography courtesy of Magdalena Gruszczynska
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- by Matt Watts