Residence Chez Léon: A Modern Tree House in Québec

Discover the elegance of Residence Chez Léon, a contemporary house perfected by Quinzhee Architecture in Québec, Canada. Designed in 2023, this unique property stands tall on stilts, merging modern design with nature. Its minimal ecological footprint and breathtaking St. Lawrence River views exemplify sustainable luxury.

Contemporary cabin with large windows nestled in snowy woods at dusk.
Modern wooden house on stilts in snowy landscape at dusk.
Modern wooden house on a snowy hillside at dusk.
Modern living room with wooden ceiling, bookshelf, and fireplace.
Minimalist kitchen with wooden ceiling and sleek island design.
Scandinavian-style kitchen with large windows and a snowy view.
A minimalist room with wooden bunk beds, a single bed, and a window with
Modern bedroom with wooden wall paneling, white bedding, and large window with curtains
A modern white tiled bathroom with a bathtub and mirror.
A modern interior with terracotta tiled walls and a matching bench.
Contemporary cabin with large windows nestled in snowy landscape at dusk.

About Residence Chez Léon

A Contemporary Masterpiece Amidst Nature

Set in the picturesque Charlevoix region of Québec, Canada, Residence Chez Léon stands as a testament to modern architectural brilliance and environmental respect. Designed by Quinzhee Architecture in 2023, this house not only reaches towards the sky on stilts but also affords panoramic views of the majestic St. Lawrence River. With its design, the residence aims to be at one with its natural surroundings, reducing its ecological footprint while providing luxurious living spaces.

Design Innovations for Sustainable Luxury

The concept of pilotis elevates the home, allowing nature to flourish underneath and offering sheltered outdoor areas for occupants. This vertical elevation enables a convergence of refined volumes and large bay windows that face south, optimizing natural light and warmth. A robust concrete monolith anchors the structure, providing a stark, elegant contrast to the wooden exterior.

Inside, the layout is meticulously designed to welcome guests with a spacious vestibule, amenities for outdoor enthusiasts, and a seamless connection between indoor and outdoor living spaces. From the living areas, occupants have unobstructed views of nature, while a spa terrace offers privacy and serenity.

Harmonious Integration with the Environment

Residence Chez Léon’s environmental strategy includes advanced thermal insulation with double-framed walls and innovative thermal bridge management. A sophisticated HVAC system ensures comfort in all seasons, incorporating an air exchanger and a high-efficiency heat pump. The choice of materials and the reduction of space to essentials reflect a commitment to sustainability and beauty in simplicity.

Drawing inspiration from the nostalgic concept of a treehouse, Residence Chez Léon redefines contemporary living. It stands not just as a house, but as a harmonious retreat that merges the boundaries between artificial and natural, creating a sanctuary for those seeking an eco-friendly, luxurious lifestyle.

Photography by Adrien Williams
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- by Matt Watts