Square Beach House: A Modern Retreat Among Olive Groves in Sporades

The Square Beach House, designed by 3Harchitects in 2021, is a modern summer residence nestled among olive groves on Skiathos island, Sporades, Greece. This architectural marvel creates a seamless blend of indoor and outdoor spaces, encapsulated within a geometric white cube that extends over two levels, offering breathtaking sea views and innovative living solutions.

Sleek, minimalist kitchen with floor-to-ceiling glass walls showcasing stunning ocean view.
A modern, minimalist kitchen and dining space with sleek white walls, wood furnishings, and an open layout.
Serene bedroom with large window framing lush greenery outside, modern minimalist decor.
Minimalist patio with sleek furnishings, glass walls, and sweeping ocean views.
Sleek, modern outdoor living space with a geometric, light-filled canopy and pool.
Modern outdoor patio with sleek white beams, glass doors, swimming pool, and dining area.
Sleek, modern architectural design featuring a pool, clean lines, and textural elements.
Striking modern architectural design with sleek lines, terraces, and an inviting pool.

About Square Beach House

Redefining Seaside Living with Square Beach House

Designed by 3Harchitects in 2021, the Square Beach House sets a new standard for modern architecture on the west coast of Skiathos island, Greece. Situated within an olive grove, this summer residence is a brilliant execution of spatial geometry and minimalistic design. The house, conceptually outlined within a 20 x 20 square (about 215 x 215 square feet), expands vertically into a two-story marvel, creating a unique blend of privacy and openness.

The house’s design innovatively plays with the form of a white cube, allowing for the extraction of volumes to uncover hidden outdoor spaces. These areas, perched just above the olive grove canopy, offer unparalleled views of the surrounding sea, perfectly capturing the essence of a serene getaway. The entrance, characterized by a covered walkway, bisects the main living volumes, leading to a striking L-shaped pool that mirrors the expansive sea beyond.

A central slit connects the house’s two levels, creating a visual and physical journey from the upper floor’s panoramic views to the more intimate bedroom spaces on the lower level. Here, the boundary between inside and out is effortlessly blurred, emphasizing a seamless transition to the garden and main terrace—a testament to thoughtful modern architecture that respects its natural setting.

By maintaining an open layout on the lower level, the Square Beach House encourages a fluid movement between indoor and outdoor environments, fostering a living experience that is both connected and harmonious. This approach not only enhances the residence’s aesthetic appeal but also its functionality as a summer home, making it a model of contemporary coastal living.

Innovative Design and Seamless Nature Integration

The Square Beach House is more than just a residence; it’s an architectural statement that perfectly encapsulates the balance between modernity and the natural world. Through its calculated design and strategic placement, the home becomes a lens through which the beauty of Skiathos is both framed and inhabited. This property stands as a beacon of modern design, proving that innovative architecture can coexist with nature, enhancing the hillside olive grove’s beauty while offering a unique living experience by the Aegean Sea.

Photography by Vagelis Paterakis

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- by Matt Watts