Japanese Apartment: A Serene Malta Home Transformation

Immerse yourself in the tranquility of the Japanese Apartment in Malta, designed by Chris Briffa Architects. This unique apartment combines traditional Japanese aesthetics with breathtaking views of Comino. Meticulously tailored furnishings and commissioned artworks create a serene retreat in Gozo’s prime location, redefining modern living spaces.

Spacious room with modular wooden shelving units, large windows, and modern furniture.
Minimalist living room with wooden truss ceiling, storage units, and a large TV.
Expansive wooden shelving system with integrated storage, lighting, and plants.
A modern and minimalist open-concept living space with a sleek kitchen, dining area, and seating.
A minimalist dining room with a concrete table, wooden benches, and abstract wall art.
Minimalist kitchen design with sleek wooden cabinets, dark countertop, and decorative accents.
Rustic wooden walls, sleek built-in planters, and minimalist decor create a serene, Zen-like space.
Minimalist bedroom with wooden furnishings, large window, and abstract artwork.
A minimalist bedroom with wooden slat paneling, a large window, and a cozy chair.
A modern bathroom with a black metal towel warmer, wooden-look walls, and a glass shower.
Elegant outdoor seating area with modern furniture, glass walls, and stunning ocean view.

About Japanese Apartment

Transforming Serenity into Space: The Japanese Apartment

A prime location in Gozo set the stage for a remarkable transformation. Bare walls and untapped potential flourished under the vision of Chris Briffa Architects, evolving into a haven of calm. The Japanese Apartment stands as a testament to thoughtful design, where every corner whispers tranquility. It reflects the essence of Japan in its serene approach, harmonizing with Gozo’s lush landscapes and vibrant harbor.

Customized to Perfection

From floor to ceiling, the apartment breathes Japanese minimalism. Chris Briffa Architects meticulously selected every piece, ensuring that the furnishings and joinery embraced the space. This customization extends to loose items of established brands and unique designer pieces. Customers find themselves surrounded by artworks that not only decorate but define.

A Living Vision of Serenity

The apartment is a living canvas, blending natural materials with a lush palette of plants. It offers an immersive experience that transcends typical living spaces. This is not just a place to reside; it is a realm of relaxation, mirroring the tranquil essence of a Japanese garden against Gozo’s captivating views. Experiencing the Japanese Apartment means embodying tranquility in every step, a rare find in Malta and beyond.

Photography courtesy of Chris Briffa Architects
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- by Matt Watts