Ventura House: A Modern Architectural Gem in Brazil

Ventura House, designed by Arquitetura Nacional in Xangri-lá, RS, Brazil, stands as a modern residential masterpiece of 2020. Showcasing innovative indoor-outdoor living, the house blends panoramic views, natural materials, and contemporary furnishings seamlessly, providing a unique blend of comfort and style.

A modern architectural building with a striking white facade featuring a repeating pattern of black ovals.
A modern outdoor living space with a wooden canopy, pool, and comfortable seating areas.
Modern, open-plan living space with wooden ceilings, plush seating, and lush indoor greenery.
A cozy living space with plush gray sofas, a wooden coffee table, and lush tropical foliage visible through the glass walls.
Spacious room with intricate wooden ceiling, large table, and comfortable green chairs.
Expansive open-concept space with modern wooden beams, sleek white cabinets, and plush seating.
Minimalist modern architecture with wooden beams, lush greenery, and poolside furniture.
Striking architectural design with modern wood and concrete elements, outdoor pool.
A modern, spa-like interior with a concrete-framed hot tub, wood ceiling, and lush views.
Modern kitchen with sleek white cabinetry, glass-fronted fridge, and cork flooring.
Minimalist living room with wooden ceiling, large windows, and sleek TV console.
Modern bedroom with tropical-inspired mural, wood accents, and minimalist furnishings.
A modern, minimalist bedroom with a wooden desk, chair, and large windows overlooking nature.
Minimalist bathroom with exposed concrete ceiling, white tiles, and a modern shower.

About Ventura House

Architectural Marvel in Xangri-lá, Brazil

Ventura House emerges as a stunning example of Arquitetura Nacional’s innovative design, carved out of the vibrant landscapes of Xangri-lá, RS, Brazil. Conceived in 2020, this house defies conventional architecture through its striking facade, setting the stage for a deep dive into its interior wonders.

Seamless Indoor-Outdoor Interplay

Upon entry, the transition is breathtaking—the boundary between outdoors and indoors blurs, with panoramic glazing inviting nature inside. The living room beautifully exemplifies this symbiosis, where a wooden overhang and a tailored blue rug define a cozy retreat. Modern furnishings and a fireplace echo the home’s contemporary ethos.

Next, the dining area merges effortlessly with the living space, flaunting a monumental wooden table and vibrant green chairs—a nod to the lush Brazilian flora. The combination of clean lines, natural textures, and a cohesive color palette creates a seamless flow between the areas.

The continuity extends into the kitchen, where minimalism reigns. Spotless white cabinetry and stainless steel appliances offset the organic stone flooring, crafting a space where function meets finesse.

A Personal Oasis of Tranquility

Transitioning to the private quarters, the light-filled media room offers a serene escape, with a recessed sofa and wispy curtains that whisper luxury and relaxation.

In the bedrooms, floor-to-ceiling windows usher in daylight, accentuating the subtle interplay of wood and color. Purposefully selected art and bespoke furniture pieces further personalize these intimate sanctuaries.

Finally, the bathroom, with its minimalist design, allows the architectural concrete and pristine tiles to stand out, echoed by understated fixtures that ensure an atmosphere of calm and clarity.

Ventura House, through its distinctive design by Arquitetura Nacional, encapsulates not only the essence of contemporary Brazilian architecture but also the warmth and functionality required of an exceptional living space.

Photography courtesy of Arquitetura Nacional
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- by Matt Watts