Casa V: Barcelona House Showcases Heritage with Modern Twist

Casa V, a house designed in 2023 by Imagen Subliminal, epitomizes architectural harmony in Barcelona, Spain. This unique property seamlessly blends rustic granite walls with modern concrete volumes, creating a coherent visual narrative that respects its lush, wooded surroundings. The design utilizes expansive glass fronts to enhance views and integrate natural elements, offering a serene and immersive living experience.

Modern wooden and glass home set in lush, wooded landscape with pool and stone patio.

Casa V, strategically nestled in the scenic Sierra de Guadarrama near Barcelona, Spain, stands as a testament to architectural finesse and sensitive environmental integration. Originally confronted with an aged mid-century dwelling and a landscape rich in native vegetation and majestic trees, the design team, led by Imagen Subliminal in 2023, chose to preserve and enhance rather than demolish.

Modern modular design with glass walls, wooden frames, and stone accents surrounded by lush greenery.

Reviving History with Modern Sensibility

Upon discovery that the old plaster hid well-conditioned granite masonry, the decision was made to retain the original housing structure. This element was repurposed to accommodate the public functions of the home, such as the living and dining areas. In contrast, more private spaces, such as bedrooms, were housed in newly constructed concrete volumes strategically perched atop existing granite walls. This approach architecturally articulated the residence, mitigating visual impact and blending seamlessly with the natural topography.

Cozy living room with exposed wooden beams, concrete floor, and a wood-burning stove.

Strategic Design for Minimal Impact

The design orientation took full advantage of the slope, providing optimal views towards the southeast, framing the Navacerrada Reservoir through large windows in the overhanging fronts of the new structures. This was complemented by landscape-reflective glass, which helped lighten the structure’s visual weight and harmonize with the surroundings. Furthermore, differentiation between the old and new zones was achieved through material choices: entablillado concrete with a roof garden for new additions, and wood trusses supporting a graphite-zinc finish for the original structure, enhancing the overall aesthetic while improving functionality.

Warm wooden beams, concrete counters, and a rustic dining table in a modern kitchen.

Harmonious Material Fusion

A significant architectural connective device was the glass-enclosed space on the north facade, serving as the principal access point and integrating the two distinct architectural volumes. The interiors, stripped to reveal structural materials, present an honest expression of the zones within the home – granite on one side and board-marked concrete on the other.

A cozy, rustic kitchen and dining space with exposed wooden beams and contemporary furnishings.

With Casa V, Imagen Subliminal has not just refurbished a building; they have spun a narrative of revival, respect for heritage, and architectural advancement, ensuring the occupants enjoy a profound connection with their picturesque environment.

A modern bathroom interior with a wood vanity, round sink, and mirror-framed wall.
Rustic stone exterior with modern glass entryway, illuminated by recessed lighting.
Minimalist wooden structures with clean lines and natural surroundings.
A modern, angular home with large windows set against a forested landscape.

Photography courtesy of Imagen Subliminal
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- by Matt Watts