Aurora: Luxury Retreat in Norway’s Lyngen Alps

Situated in the stunning Lyngen alps of Norway, Aurora is a captivating private retreat designed by the renowned Snorre Stinessen Architecture. This hotel and workspace complex, set to be completed in 2024, offers a unique blend of privacy, exposure to nature, and inspiring spaces for both relaxation and productivity. The design seamlessly integrates the buildings with the surrounding landscape, ensuring a harmonious and immersive experience for guests and residents alike.

A modern, glass-enclosed cabin nestled in a snowy forest, with warm interior lighting.
A modern, glass-walled cabin nestled in a snowy forest, with warm lighting inside.
A modern and angular glass-walled structure nestled in a snowy, forested landscape.
Modern living space with floor-to-ceiling windows showcasing natural scenery and plush blue sofa.
Panoramic glass walls frame a cozy winter scene, accented by a warm-toned wood interior.
A modern cabin interior with a fireplace, large windows, and a round dining table surrounded by chairs.
Cozy living space with expansive windows overlooking scenic nature view and wood-paneled ceiling.
Cozy living room with a fireplace, wooden ceiling, and large windows overlooking a lake.
Sleek, modern kitchen with wood panels, stainless steel appliances, and glass walls offering scenic views.
Modern wooden architectural interior with sleek lines, large windows, and recessed lighting.
A cozy bedroom with a large window showcasing a scenic lakeside view, nestled among bare trees.
Contemporary bathroom design with dark walls, marble vanity, and sleek shower fixture.
A modern, angular black structure nestled among the lush, verdant foliage.
A small, angular, black steel structure with a pitched metal roof amid lush greenery.

About Aurora

Nestled in the Majestic Lyngen Alps

Introducing Aurora, a stunning private retreat set amidst the breathtaking Lyngen Alps of Norway. Designed by the renowned Snorre Stinessen Architecture, this captivating project offers a serene and inspirational haven.

A Sanctuary for Work and Leisure

Crafted as a versatile space, Aurora caters to the needs of both relaxation and productivity. The retreat provides a peaceful retreat for the client, their friends, and family, while also serving as an inspiring workplace for the management teams of associated businesses.

Balancing Privacy and Connection

The design of the complex and buildings thoughtfully balances privacy and exposure to the stunning natural surroundings. Carefully positioned to preserve the existing trees and vegetation, the structures offer a sense of seclusion while seamlessly integrating with the rugged alpine landscape.

Elevated Experiences in Nature

The buildings are elevated above the terrain, allowing the natural environment to thrive undisturbed beneath. This design choice not only provides ample daylight and water for the landscape but also creates an enchanting elevated experience, with the occupants feeling as if they are ascending to private viewing platforms within the breathtaking scenery.

Tailored Interiors and Versatile Spaces

The interiors of Aurora feature a custom-designed furniture selection, including a fully integrated fold-out workstation, catering to the needs of both relaxation and productivity. The slanting dark surfaces of the bathrooms create a private sanctuary, while the stand-alone suites offer a cozy and secluded retreat.

A Year-Round Sanctuary

Regardless of weather or season, the complex is designed to provide a healthy and old-fashioned connection to the nature outside, allowing guests to come together and appreciate the shared moments in comfort and serenity. When unoccupied, the buildings can close up completely, preserving the site’s natural beauty.

Embracing the Lyngen Alps

Aurora is a harmonious synthesis of modern design and the rugged beauty of the Lyngen Alps. This unique retreat offers a rare opportunity to immerse oneself in the breathtaking natural wonders of Norway while enjoying the comforts of a meticulously crafted sanctuary.

Photography courtesy of Snorre Stinessen Architecture

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- by Matt Watts