Casa A.M.: Elegant Italian Apartment by Giovanni Sellitri

Casa A.M., a stunning apartment project designed by the renowned Giovanni Sellitri Studio, showcases the firm’s exceptional expertise in creating innovative and functional living spaces. Located in the charming Italian city of Andria, this 2023 residential development exemplifies the harmonious blend of modern architecture and timeless elegance that has become the hallmark of Sellitri’s design approach.

Minimalist living room with exposed beams, large TV, and sleek furniture.
Modern kitchen with sleek black cabinetry, minimalist design, and wooden flooring.
Sleek, modern kitchen with black cabinetry, contrasting white countertops, and minimalist lighting.
Sleek, modern kitchen and dining area with striking textured wall and stylish furnishings.
A modern dining area with a unique textured wall panel, marble table, and comfortable chairs.
Warm, minimalist bedroom design with recessed lighting, floating shelves, and a plush bedding.
Modern minimalist bedroom with gray tones, mirrored closet doors, and built-in TV wall.
Minimalist modern bathroom with sleek vanity, towel warmer, and tiled shower enclosure.
Sleek modern bathroom with black tile, glass shower, and wood-look flooring.

About Casa A.M.

Timeless Elegance in Italy: Casa A.M. by Giovanni Sellitri Studio

Nestled in the charming city of Andria, Italy, Casa A.M. is a stunning apartment that embodies the pinnacle of modern design. Conceived by the acclaimed architecture and interior design firm, Giovanni Sellitri Studio, this 2023 masterpiece showcases a harmonious blend of minimalist elegance and functional sophistication.

A Seamless Transition: From Living to Dining

As we step inside, the open-concept living and dining areas immediately captivate with their refined, neutral palette and meticulously curated furnishings. Plush, neutral-toned sofas beckon for relaxation, while a stunning marble-topped dining table sets the stage for elevated gatherings. Overhead, the exposed beams and recessed lighting create a warm, inviting ambiance, seamlessly blending the spaces into a cohesive, harmonious whole.

Culinary Perfection: The Sleek Kitchen

Transitioning to the kitchen, we’re greeted by a masterful display of form and function. Sleek, matte-black cabinetry and countertops create a striking contrast against the light-colored flooring, while the integrated appliances and clean-lined fixtures exude a sense of high-end sophistication. The central island, adorned with comfortable bar stools, serves as a visual and functional centerpiece, inviting casual conversation and meal preparation.

Retreat to the Sanctuary: The Bedroom Oasis

Leading to the private quarters, the bedroom offers a serene escape from the day’s bustle. Warm, neutral tones and soft, plush textures create a cocooning ambiance, while the recessed lighting and mirrored wardrobes enhance the sense of spaciousness. A harmonious blend of form and function, this personal sanctuary promises a rejuvenating respite.

Bathing in Elegance: The Luxurious Bathroom

The apartment’s crowning jewel is undoubtedly the sleek and sophisticated bathroom. Clean-lined cabinetry, punctuated by a striking black-and-white color scheme, sets the stage for a spa-like experience. A generously sized shower enclosure, complemented by a floating vanity and a towel warmer, elevates the everyday routine into one of pure indulgence.

Throughout Casa A.M., Giovanni Sellitri Studio has meticulously crafted a timeless, modern oasis that seamlessly blends form and function. With its refined aesthetics, meticulously curated details, and unwavering attention to quality, this Italian apartment stands as a testament to the studio’s design expertise, delivering a harmonious living experience that will captivate discerning homeowners and design enthusiasts alike.

Photography courtesy of Giovanni Sellitri Studio
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- by Matt Watts