A-V.CADO: Vibrant Barcelona Apartment Designed for Young Couple

Introducing A-V.CADO, a captivating apartment design in Barcelona, Spain, crafted by the talented Insayn Design Society. This visually stunning 2022 project showcases a harmonious blend of minimalism and vibrant energy, creating a space that truly reflects the essence of its young, passionate inhabitants and their four-legged companion, RIO. Prepare to be amazed by the meticulous attention to detail, innovative layouts, and the perfect balance of functionality and style that define this exceptional residential gem.

Spacious apartment with minimalist decor, neutral tones, and wood flooring.
Modern, open-plan apartment with wood table, kitchen, and shelving display.
Modern kitchen with sleek cabinets, patterned backsplash, and integrated appliances on wood floors.
Contemporary kitchen featuring sleek cream cabinets, terrazzo countertops, and a large dining table.
A cozy living space with a curved, warm-toned wall, neutral furnishings, and a pet dog.
Well-lit bedroom with neutral colors, curtains, and plush bedding creating a serene ambiance.
Minimalist bedroom with neutral tones, built-in closets, and a curved entryway.
Sleek round mirror, clean white sink, and modern vanity cabinet in a warm-toned bathroom.
Modern bathroom with terrazzo walls, sleek vanity, and circular backlit mirror.

About A-V.CADO

Vibrant Living at Its Finest: A-v.cado, Barcelona’s Shining Gem

Introducing A-v.cado, a captivating apartment nestled in the heart of Barcelona, Spain. Designed in 2022 by the Insayn Design Society, this 1,200 sq ft (111 sq m) abode is a testament to the power of creative vision and personalized design.

A Couple’s Dream Realized

At the core of this project lies a young, passionate couple who sought to bring their dream home to life. Accompanied by their beloved four-legged companion, Rio, they entrusted Insayn Design Society to weave their unique identity into every nook and cranny of the space.

Uncovering the Essence

The Insayn Design team embarked on a design detective mission, meticulously unearthing the clients’ personality and aspirations. Consequently, they created a vibrant, delicate, and functionally harmonious space that embraces warmth and invites freedom.

A Harmonious Blend of Contrasts

At A-v.cado, the designers seamlessly blended minimalism and vitality, crafting frames and shapes that highlight the home’s key areas while maintaining a clean, elegant aesthetic. The result is a feast for the senses, where every corner radiates a unique flair.

The Essence of Avocado

The name A-v.cado is a nod to the project’s fresh and vibrant character. Just like the luscious fruit, this apartment exudes a personality that is both delightful and invigorating, reflecting the Insayn Design Society’s signature style.

A Home that Reflects Its Inhabitants

In the end, the Insayn Design team didn’t just create a space; they crafted a home that encapsulates the essence of the young couple and their beloved companion. Welcome to A-v.cado, where living is a feast for the senses and home is a reflection of the soul.

Photography by ByPablo Estudio
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- by Matt Watts