One Thousand and One Nights: A Tour of a Collector’s Dream Home

Discover One Thousand and One Nights, an apartment delicately crafted by Diva Arquitectura in 2023. Located in Alicante, Spain, this space bridges the realms of eclectic design and personal narrative. The apartment, remodeled into a home of art and collections, showcases two chimneys and multiple rooms designed for nuanced multifunctional use.

Cozy living room with built-in bookshelves, wooden TV stand, and minimal decor.
Spacious living room with extensive wall-mounted bookshelves, wooden TV stand, and minimalist decor.
A modern living space with a sleek TV console, wood-paneled walls, and hardwood floors.
The image shows an interior design with a stone wall, shelves, and framed artwork. The space has a modern and industrial aesthetic.
Cozy living space with built-in bookshelves, eclectic decor, and a comfortable reading nook.
Well-organized shelving system with diverse book collection in a bright, open space.
Modern kitchen and dining area with exposed brick walls, wood accents, and sleek white furnishings.
Elegant open-concept living space with large windows, rustic stone accent wall, and modern furnishings.
Modern bathroom with sleek tiling, art piece adds visual interest, cozy bedroom space.
Spacious bedroom with minimalist furnishings, hardwood floors, and modern artwork.
Minimalist bedroom with abstract wall art, floor-to-ceiling windows, and wooden accents.
Minimalist interior design with neutral tones, wooden furniture, and suspended lighting.

About One Thousand and One Nights

Revitalized Spaces and Personalized Interiors

One Thousand and One Nights is an exceptional apartment located in the heart of Alicante, Spain, designed by Diva Arquitectura in 2023. Spanning an entire floor with 110 square meters (1,184 square feet), the redesign transformed a once conventional space into a mesmerizing habitat reflective of its owner’s multifaceted interests.

Originally featuring six rooms and a single bathroom, the current layout encompasses three bedrooms, two bathrooms, countless bookshelves, two fireplaces, a mini-museum, and a bench for microscopes. Central to the apartment, a lightwell cleverly structures the living areas, enhancing both functionality and aesthetic appeal.

A Haven for Collectors and Art Enthusiasts

The apartment serves not only as a residence but as a sanctuary for personal pursuits. From fossil collecting to art, every corner of “One Thousand and One Nights” is a testament to the owner’s eclectic tastes and intellectual endeavors. This transformative approach goes beyond mere living; it crafts spaces that are as temporary as donning or shedding a mask.

Art and functionality merge seamlessly, influenced by the artistic inclinations of personalities like John Hejduk and Saul Steinberg, who inspire the narrative thread of the project. Here, the architecture navigates between the culinary arts and art collecting, enriched with spaces for film viewing in their original language and personal research.

Design That Adapts and Inspires

The design of “One Thousand and One Nights” uniquely aligns with the various ‘selves’ of the owner, from the chef to the art connoisseur, integrating personal habits and professional passions. It fosters an environment where dialogue between these identities flourishes, shaping a home that is as diverse as the life of its inhabitant.

Each element within the apartment is meticulously curated, establishing a fetishistic relationship with its objects and spatial configurations. This intimacy with space and artifact turns the apartment into “a thousand and one homes,” each reflecting a distinct facet of the owner’s life and loves. Here, architecture is not just built; it is lived passionately and personally.

Photography courtesy of Diva Arquitectura
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- by Matt Watts