Villa Housu: Timeless Arctic Holiday Home in Lapland

Situated in the enchanting Ylläs region of Finland, Villa Housu is a captivating holiday home designed by the architectural firm Fyra. Blending seamlessly with the pristine Arctic landscape, this contemporary retreat effortlessly caters to the needs of active outdoor enthusiasts without compromising on design integrity. With its thoughtful integration of functionality and minimalistic aesthetics, Villa Housu offers a serene and harmonious living experience amidst the breathtaking natural surroundings of Lapland.

Rustic wood-paneled kitchen with large window overlooking snowy forest, wooden chairs.
Cozy winter cabin interior with wooden walls, large windows, and a rustic dining area.
Cozy cabin interior with panoramic windows, fireplace, and wooden furnishings.
Wooden paneled hallway with built-in bench seating and minimal, modern architectural design.
A cozy bedroom with a wooden paneled wall, a modern geometric light fixture, and a knitted throw.
Cozy wooden bedroom with textured walls, a simple bed, and minimalist decor.
A cozy bedroom with a wooden wall, a lamp, and a bedside table displaying books and plants.
A cozy attic bedroom with wooden walls, slanted ceiling, and large skylight.
Minimalist wood-paneled bathroom with concrete vanity and built-in shelving.
Rustic wooden sauna interior with bench and metal bucket on tiled floor.
Cozy winter cabin interior featuring wooden walls, snowscape, and snowboarding gear.

About Villa Housu

Nestled in the pristine Lapland landscape, Villa Housu stands as a harmonious retreat that seamlessly blends with the captivating Arctic scenery. Designed in 2024 by the visionary team of Fyra and Ark Helsinki, this private holiday home offers a unique and immersive experience for adventurous families seeking the great outdoors.

Functionality Meets Design Elegance

Meticulously crafted to cater to the needs of active outdoor enthusiasts, Villa Housu showcases a harmonious dialogue between architecture and interior design. Every element is thoughtfully integrated to enhance the overall user experience, from the seamless storage solutions for sports equipment to the warm, minimalistic ambiance that promotes relaxation.

Embracing the Essence of Finnish Spruce

The extensive use of Finnish spruce throughout the villa not only emphasizes its essential benefits but also ensures a seamless integration with the surrounding environment. From the raw wood covering all surfaces (except the bathrooms) to the custom-designed furniture, the villa’s unique character is further accentuated by the natural beauty of this renewable resource.

A Timeless Connection to Nature

Strategically positioned windows and openings offer captivating glimpses of the natural scenery, fostering a strong sense of connection to the outdoors. The villa’s architecture, inspired by traditional Finnish design, harmonizes with the Arctic landscape, creating a timeless presence that resonates with the region’s captivating charm.

A Sanctuary for the Senses

Ultimately, Villa Housu stands as a remarkable retreat that seamlessly blends functionality, design, and a profound respect for the surrounding natural environment. Whether guests are seeking exhilarating outdoor adventures or cozy evenings by the fireplace, this holiday home promises an unforgettable experience that immerses them in the enchanting essence of Lapland.

Photography by Riikka Kantinkoski
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- by Matt Watts