Peninsula House: Australia’s Stunning Coastal Retreat

Situated on the rugged coastline of Mornington, Australia, Peninsula House is a captivating architectural masterpiece designed by the renowned firm Wood Marsh. Crafted as an artistic response to the region’s dramatic landscape, this modern house seamlessly blends into its rural setting, creating a striking sculptural form weathered by its coastal context.

Featuring a bold rammed earth facade, expansive glazing, and thoughtfully curated interiors, Peninsula House offers a harmonious balance between the built environment and its breathtaking natural surroundings.

Modern curved structure with glass walls and wooden elements amidst a grassy field and trees.
Minimalist living room with curved black sofa, round coffee table, and expansive windows.
Striking black and white architectural design, with a sleek circular table and dark cabinetry.
Modern architectural interior with dark, sleek furnishings and expansive windows overlooking lush greenery.
Large curved glass wall enclosing a lush green garden, creating a tranquil indoor-outdoor space.
Spacious bedroom with large windows offering panoramic views of the countryside.
Sleek, minimalist bathroom with concrete walls, mosaic tile, and black vessel sinks.
Curved, glass-walled structure with a wooden deck overlooking a pastoral landscape.
Minimalist, sculptural concrete structure with recessed entryway and stark contrasts.
A modern, concrete building with a curved roofline overlooking a coastal landscape.
Curved concrete building with glass windows and stone walkway amid grassy landscape.

About Peninsula House

Nestled along Australia’s breathtaking Mornington Peninsula, the Peninsula House stands as a captivating architectural marvel. Designed by the renowned Wood Marsh in 2023, this stunning residence embraces the rugged coastal landscape, blending seamlessly with the contours of the rural terrain.

A Sculptural Relic Weathered by Time

Approaching the property, visitors are greeted by a dramatic sculptural form that rises 10 meters (33 feet) into the air. This ribbon of rammed earth wraps behind the dwelling, gradually tapering back into the landscape, creating a mesmerizing visual effect. The minimal glazing and substantial thermal mass of the structure help to stabilize the heat from the afternoon sun.

Curated Interiors and Captivating Spaces

Crossing the entry threshold, a lush, planted atrium defines the building’s axial center, flooding the interior with natural light. From the atrium, bending hallways lead to three distinct zones: a living area for entertaining, a bedroom zone, and a recreation area. The private master bedroom, accessible by a sweeping stair cloaked in darkness, sits above the living zone.

Embracing the Coastal Surroundings

The main double-height living space dramatically rises towards the expansive glazing, offering breathtaking views of the rural terrain and the ocean beyond. The sweeping parabolic ceiling creates a unique acoustic quality, perfect for the owner’s grand piano and musical instruments. Adjacent to the living space, a large, sheltered terrace allows for grand poolside events with panoramic vistas.

Seamless Integration with the Landscape

Externally, the building’s dark, natural material palette of charred timber and rammed earth allows it to recede into the rural context, becoming an enigmatic form. Internally, the thematic use of darkness continues with black mosaic tiles, black timber battens, blackened brass, and black terrazzo flooring. The emphasis on shifting light and shadow along the curving surfaces and forms creates a mesmerizing visual experience.


Peninsula House is a true architectural masterpiece, designed to harmonize with the topography of its coastal setting. Its raw, sculptural language belies its domestic use, transforming the structure into an erosional remnant formed by its harsh, exposed environment. This captivating residence stands as a testament to the incredible talent of Wood Marsh and their ability to craft extraordinary living spaces that seamlessly integrate with the natural world.

Photography courtesy of Wood Marsh
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- by Matt Watts