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Casa Cangahua: Courtyard-Infused Home in Tumbaco, Quito

A modern brick building with large windows, surrounded by lush greenery and tall grasses.

Situated in the picturesque town of Tumbaco, Ecuador, Casa Cangahua is a captivating residential project designed by the renowned architectural firm Diez+Muller. This single-family house, completed in 2021, seamlessly blends into its natural surroundings, with its concrete walls and sculpted brick volume reflecting the nearby mountain range. The design philosophy emphasizes a journey of discovery, where the house reveals itself gradually to the user, creating a sense of intrigue and wonder.

WG House: Crafting a Contemporary Australian Family Home

FeaturedModern architectural design with large glass windows, sleek black exterior, and a pool.

Showcasing a contemporary masterpiece in the heart of Melbourne, the WG House by CHT Architects redefines the traditional Australian home. Designed in 2021, this two-level house features a striking pitched roof silhouette, generous glazed walls, and a central courtyard that floods the interiors with natural light. Blending Spanish porcelain bricks with a suspended steel fireplace, the WG House offers a warm, textured backdrop for multi-generational living, capturing the essence of a true “home” for its owners.

Peninsula House: Australia’s Stunning Coastal Retreat

Curved concrete building with glass windows and stone walkway amid grassy landscape.

Situated on the rugged coastline of Mornington, Australia, Peninsula House is a captivating architectural masterpiece designed by the renowned firm Wood Marsh. Crafted as an artistic response to the region’s dramatic landscape, this modern house seamlessly blends into its rural setting, creating a striking sculptural form weathered by its coastal context.

Featuring a bold rammed earth facade, expansive glazing, and thoughtfully curated interiors, Peninsula House offers a harmonious balance between the built environment and its breathtaking natural surroundings.

Concrete Copper Home: Sculptural Roof Design in NZ

FeaturedStunning modern home with unique copper-colored roofline and glass walls overlooking lush garden.

Designed by South Architects Limited in 2020, the Concrete Copper Home in Christchurch, New Zealand, showcases a stunning blend of natural materials. This suburban house, situated with a beautiful outlook towards a nearby stream, features a unique palette of concrete, copper, and timber.

The lineal concrete forms are strategically staggered across the site, allowing occupants to enjoy sun exposure throughout the day, while the sculptural roof ties the design together. The copper element rises from the ground at the entry, stretching over the living spaces to envelop the first-floor sleeping quarters, creating a captivating architectural statement.