Tiburon Bay View: Coastal Elegance by Walker Warner

The Tiburon Bay View house in Tiburon, California, designed by Walker Warner, seamlessly blends contemporary style with the natural beauty of its coastal surroundings. Featuring zinc, cedar, oak, and stone, this home offers panoramic views and meticulous craftsmanship.

Striking contemporary home with wood and glass facade, pool reflecting surroundings.
Sleek modern home with wood accents, large windows, and a cozy outdoor patio area.
A moody, industrial-inspired living room with concrete walls, floating shelves, and a warm-hued fireplace.
Modern entryway with sleek wood panels, glass doors, and a potted plant providing a touch of nature.
Minimalist interior with stone walls, wooden furnishings, and a scenic outdoor view.
Modern kitchen with sleek wooden cabinetry, large window, and black stone countertop.
Modern architectural exterior with sleek wood and metal elements, large glass panels, and a bright red entryway.
Outdoor living space with wood and stone furniture, fire pit, and scenic waterfront view.

About Tiburon Bay View

Whether in art or nature, new details always emerge. The design encourages discovery with its open interplay between life inside and the landscape beyond. Every corner of this home invites you to explore and find something new.

Stunning Views from Every Terrace

From one terrace, watch fog thread through the bridge. From another, see the sun set over the hills at day’s end. Each terrace offers a unique perspective, capturing the changing moods of the landscape throughout the day.

Optimal Panoramic Placement

The home takes full advantage of its panoramic placement. It is rooted in the steep topography, offering shelter from coastal winds. This strategic positioning not only enhances views but also provides natural protection and comfort.

Craftsmanship and Material Warmth

Craftsmanship shines throughout the house. Zinc, cedar, oak, and stone add warmth to precise geometries. These materials were carefully chosen to complement the design and bring a sense of natural beauty indoors. The tactile quality of these materials invites you to touch and feel their textures.

Striking Entrance and Interiors

At the entrance, a bold red door swivels on a pivot. This dramatic entry sets the tone for what lies within. Inside, a cloud-like patina covers bronze panels, creating a mesmerizing effect. These panels offer a minimal yet captivating visual experience that changes with the light.

Fluid Connections and Composed Views

The design draws on West Coast architectural tradition. Half-levels create fluid connections and composed views. A hallway glimpse of the bay leads to a full view in the office beyond. This thoughtful framing reveals nuances as it invites the landscape in, ensuring every space feels connected to the outdoors. The use of half-levels also enhances the flow between rooms, making the transitions feel seamless.

Blending Indoor and Outdoor Living

The home’s design blurs the lines between indoor and outdoor living. Large windows and sliding doors open to expansive terraces and patios. These outdoor spaces are perfect for entertaining or simply relaxing while enjoying the stunning views. The integration of indoor and outdoor areas maximizes the living space and enhances the overall experience of the home.

A Tribute to West Coast Architecture

This home pays tribute to the low-slung elegance of West Coast architecture. The design emphasizes horizontal lines and open spaces, creating a sense of harmony with the surrounding landscape. By drawing on this architectural tradition, the home feels both contemporary and timeless. The careful consideration of every detail ensures that the house is not just a dwelling, but a work of art in itself.

In conclusion, the Tiburon Bay View house is a masterful blend of design, craftsmanship, and natural beauty. Its thoughtful architecture and stunning location make it a true standout in contemporary home design. Whether you are enjoying the panoramic views, the carefully crafted interiors, or the seamless indoor-outdoor living, this home offers a unique and inspiring living experience.

Photography by Laure Jolier

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- by Matt Watts