Casa Rayada: Luxury Modern Home in Mérida, Mexico

Casa Rayada, designed by Boide Estudio in Mérida, Mexico, is a modern luxury house showcasing seamless indoor-outdoor integration. This residence uses local stone, wood, and marble to create harmonious, textured spaces, with custom furniture and unique design elements.

Modern residential architecture with a sleek glass exterior, private swimming pool, and lush landscaping.
Luxurious living room with wooden accents, sleek entertainment unit, and cozy sofas.
Contemporary open-concept living room with wooden accents, built-in shelving, and modern furnishings.
A modern dining room with a large wooden table, grey upholstered chairs, and sleek wooden ceiling.
Striking modern open-concept space with sleek dark furnishings, large windows, and built-in shelving.
Striking architectural design with wood paneling, stone stairs, and modern glass accents.
Spacious bedroom with warm wooden accents, built-in shelving, and cozy seating area.
Spacious bedroom with hanging chair, modern wall decor, and plush bedding in warm tones.
A cozy, stylish bedroom with a large bed, patterned wallpaper, and rustic furnishings.
Cozy bedroom with wooden accent wall, large ceiling fan, and TV console below.
Sleek modern interior design with marble bar, wood accents, and pool view.
Tranquil patio with pool, surrounded by verdant trees and modern architecture.
A modern, glass-enclosed home with a pool and lush greenery surrounding it, showcasing a sleek and minimalist architectural design.
A modern architectural design featuring a sleek, wooden exterior, a landscaped courtyard, and a tranquil water feature.

About Casa Rayada

The architect initially proposed a space emphasizing a strong interior-exterior connection. Consequently, the architecture and interior design had to function in harmony.

Harmonizing Space and Structure

The design process started by exploiting this relationship. The designers integrated it by aligning longitudinal and transversal lines across floors, ceilings, and furniture, notably in the custom-designed dining table.

Focal Points in Dining and Living Areas

In the dining room, designers introduced a local stone as a visual centerpiece, extending these thematic lines toward the living and bar areas. Simultaneously, the ceiling mirrors these lines in a transversal pattern, creating a striking contrast with the dining table, which reflects the house’s overarching design concept.

Modern Touches in the Living Spaces

Upon entering the living room, visitors encounter a modern, airy atmosphere. The television cabinet, a central feature, frames the surrounding gardens and incorporates black granite to add contrast and texture.

Color and Material Harmony

Designers chose green as the base color to accentuate contrasting elements throughout the social areas. They used natural materials like wood, marble, and textiles aiming for a cohesive blend of textures, tones, and colors.

Throughout the project, maintaining uncluttered spaces was crucial. Designers meticulously transformed each sketched line into a tangible element over nearly a year, culminating in a beautifully crafted space.

Photography by Tamara Uribe

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- by Matt Watts