Nolio: Personalized Minimalism in Krakow Apartment

Eklekt Atelier, a renowned design studio, has recently unveiled their latest project – the Nolio apartment in Kraków, Poland. Designed in 2024 for a five-person family, this private residence is a harmonious blend of functionality and emotional richness, reflecting the clients’ individuality and minimalist sensibilities. Each room within the apartment showcases a unique personality, with a careful balance of textures and subtle color accents.

Contemporary open-plan interior with minimalist furniture, wood accents, and integrated workspace.
Sleek and modern kitchen with wooden accents and a cozy living area.
Sleek, modern kitchen with marble countertops, wood cabinetry, and bold pendant lighting.
Spacious modern bedroom with sleek wooden features, large windows, and minimalist decor.
Minimalist bedroom design showcases warm wood paneling, textured walls, and a sleek side table.
Sleek, modern bathroom with wood and glass accents, vessel sink, and recessed lighting.
A modern, minimalist bathroom design with textured walls, glass panels, and a sleek vanity.
Minimalist bathroom with vibrant red vanity and toilet against warm wooden panels.

About Nolio

Nestled in the heart of Kraków, Poland, Nolio stands as a testament to the nuanced vision of Eklekt Atelier. Designed in 2024 for a family of five, this apartment interweaves functionality with individual tastes. Each room is a finely tuned expression of the occupants’ personalities, sculpted with a minimalist ethos.

Commencing our visual tour, the living area unfolds as a master class in balanced design. The plush sofa anchors the space, inviting conversation and relaxation, with a sleek, circular table awaiting moments of shared repose. In this home’s alliance of living, dining, and kitchen areas, Eklekt Atelier cultivates a seamless flow—uniting activities while maintaining an airy openness that breathes life into the family’s daily rituals.

A Culinary Heartbeat with State-of-the-art Functionality

Transitioning to the culinary core, the kitchen’s crisp white cabinetry and rich wooden accents strike a delightful contrast. Modernity whispers through every detail, from the inconspicuous built-in appliances to the elegant bar stools that invite casual engagement. The marble countertop extends, transforming into a dining area where stories are shared as meals come to life. Lighting, strategically placed, enhances the mood, casting a soft glow on family gatherings.

Sanctuary Spaces: Bedrooms and Bathrooms

Ascending in intimacy, the bedroom is a sanctuary of tranquility. Here, harmonious hues melt into the wood floor, a minimalist palette helping unwind the day’s narrative. A comfortable bed promises restorative sleep, and a minimalist desk offers a quiet nook for reflection or creativity.

In the ensuite, we encounter a refined interplay of textures. Glass partitions and sleek fixtures capture a modern spirit, supporting a routine of rejuvenation. And a guest bathroom surprises with a bold red cylindrical element and dynamic contrasts, demonstrating the versatile palette that defines Nolio.

Flowing from space to space in this Krakow gem, one senses the elegant hand of Eklekt Atelier. Modern technologies and custom-made furnishings ensure both comfort and sophistication, setting Nolio as a beacon for aspirational living in 2024.

Photography courtesy of Eklekt Atelier
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- by Matt Watts