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Casa Alpha: A Contrasts Harmony in Mérida

Modern concrete building with lush greenery in the foreground.

Discover Casa Alpha, Arkham Projects‘ 2021 architectural gem in Mérida, Mexico. This two-story concrete house is a study in contrasts, blending solid structures with open spaces. Its design seamlessly connects the lush outdoor environment with elegantly designed social areas. From its robust concrete exterior to its panoramic views, Casa Alpha offers a serene, nature-immersed living experience.

Casa Mulix: Mérida’s Modern Sanctuary

FeaturedCasa Mulix: Mérida’s Modern Sanctuary

In 2022, Arkham Projects unveiled Casa Mulix, a contemporary retreat in the lively city of Mérida, Mexico. This house offers a serene escape, engaging guests with nature at every turn.

Its striking facade features a dominant volume that offers both expansive views and the option for privacy. By day, it stands as a monumental block; by night, it transforms into a glowing lantern, leaving a lasting impression of peace and solitude.

Casa Relo: A Two-Story House with a Heart in Mérida

Casa Relo: A Two-Story House with a Heart in Mérida

Nestled in the heart of Mérida, Mexico, Casa Relo is a masterstroke of residential design by Arkham Projects. This two-story house, built in 2021, is a sublime exploration of intimacy, striking a delicate balance between privacy and curiosity.

From the outside, Casa Relo presents a solid, introspective facade, but the true essence of the house is revealed upon entering. The property is punctuated by two interior patios, each serving as a vibrant lifeline that breathes life into the surrounding spaces. The design of Casa Relo is a testament to the power of contrast, with its discreet exterior giving way to an expressive, emotion-filled interior that is deeply connected to nature.