Casa Alpha: A Contrasts Harmony in Mérida

Discover Casa Alpha, Arkham Projects‘ 2021 architectural gem in Mérida, Mexico. This two-story concrete house is a study in contrasts, blending solid structures with open spaces. Its design seamlessly connects the lush outdoor environment with elegantly designed social areas. From its robust concrete exterior to its panoramic views, Casa Alpha offers a serene, nature-immersed living experience.

Modern concrete building with lush greenery in the foreground.
Modern indoor-outdoor living space with sleek furnishings and lush garden.
Modern outdoor terrace with stylish furniture and pendant lights.
Modern living room with sleek furniture and large windows overlooking greenery.
Modern house with concrete facade, large windows, and pool.
Modern house with pool at twilight, featuring outdoor lighting and sleek design.
Modern home with pool at dusk, featuring clean lines and warm illumination.
Modern house with illuminated interior and pool at dusk.
Modern house with illuminated interior and pool at twilight.

About Casa Alpha

Welcome to Alpha House: A Place of Balance

Alpha House starts as a welcoming home, full of contrasts. It mixes solid and open spaces, heavy and light areas. The design also makes the most of the property’s views. Social areas look out onto the green outdoors. This setup helps the family inside feel close to nature and find a peaceful space.

Exploring the Exterior: Concrete Meets Greenery

From the outside, Alpha House looks like a big block of concrete. But as you walk inside, it changes. Each room opens up to views of green areas and wide scenes. The house seems to float over the plants around it, creating a special look.

Blending Inside and Outside

Inside, Alpha House shows its true beauty. The design connects the inside with the outside world. Every part of the house is well-planned. It links the concrete inside to the green outside. This mix is not just nice to look at. It also makes living there better, by joining the building with nature.

Photography courtesy of Arkham Projects

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- by Matt Watts