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Yarra Bend House: Inside the Innovative Terrace Transformation

Loft-style interior with high ceiling, gallery wall, and glass railing.

Explore the Yarra Bend House in Melbourne, Australia, designed by Austin Maynard Architects in 2022. This house renovation emphasizes sustainable living, aging in place, and a connection between old charm and new world architecture. The project brings life to a two-bedroom terrace cottage, transforming it into a versatile, energy-efficient home that maintains a deep sense of community and aesthetic appeal.

Garden House: A Blueprint for Sustainable Living in Melbourne

FeaturedGeometric white house with a diamond-pattern facade surrounded by greenery.

Discover Garden House, a pioneering project by Austin Maynard Architects in Melbourne, Australia. This private house is not only a testament to modern, sustainable design but also an energy powerhouse, producing five times its daily energy needs. Designed in 2021 as a future-forward, eco-friendly family home, Garden House demonstrates how innovative architecture can lead to a self-sufficient lifestyle, seamlessly combining aesthetics with functionality in an urban setting.

RaeRae House: A Masterpiece of Inner-City Living

Modern living room with sleek furniture, fireplace, and floor-to-ceiling windows.

Explore RaeRae House, a distinctive inner-city family home in Melbourne, Australia, designed by Austin Maynard Architects.

Merging two heritage terrace houses with a modern glazed entry, RaeRae is a blend of whimsical design and strategic functionality. Its unique exterior, shaped like an architectural mountain range, optimizes light and minimizes visual impact. Inside, every detail, from window placements to sustainable materials, is thoughtfully chosen, making RaeRae a symbol of innovative, sustainable living.

Slate House: A Harmonious Blend of Heritage & Modernity in Melbourne

FeaturedSlate House: A Harmonious Blend of Heritage & Modernity in Melbourne

Slate House is an eco-luxurious apartment building nestled in the heart of Brighton, Melbourne, Australia. Designed by the renowned Austin Maynard Architects, this stunning, fossil-fuel-free multi-residential complex offers 14 spacious, high-end apartments that harmoniously blend with the area’s rich architectural heritage.

Discover how Slate House redefines sustainable living in one of Melbourne’s most iconic and affluent suburbs, famed for its vibrant bathing boxes.