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Apartment in Paseo San Juan: A Fusion of Modernity and History

Elegant living room with modern furniture and large artwork.

Discover the unique blend of contemporary design and historic charm at the Apartment in Paseo San Juan, Barcelona. Designed by YLAB Arquitectos, this 19th-century apartment renovation reflects an Australian couple’s vision of a comfortable European residence. With preserved Nolla mosaic flooring and modern custom furniture, it’s a tranquil space that honors its roots while embracing modern living.

Tangram House: How Twobo Reimagined a 1970s Home

Contemporary living space with orange pendant lamp and green tile accents.

Discover the Tangram House in Barcelona, Spain, a stunning representation of 1970s elegance merged with contemporary design. Designed by Twobo in 2022, this house showcases innovative use of geometric shapes to craft living spaces that promise freedom and fluidity. From its historical roots to the modern reinterpretation, every detail celebrates the original architecture while inviting new possibilities for living.

Muntaner: Unveiling Barcelona’s Urban Oasis House

Modern minimalist bedroom with a bed, desk, and wooden cabinets.

Discover Muntaner, a stunning house designed by Scala Studio, nestled in the vibrant city of Barcelona, Spain. This project, completed in 2020, seamlessly blends high ceilings, vintage moldings, and large windows with modern materials, creating a sanctuary amidst urban chaos. The design meticulously divides social and intimate areas, employing unique materials like reclaimed wooden parquet and stainless steel to narrate a story of elegance and purpose.