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Coral House: Exploring Elástica Studio’s Coastal Design

Elegant tropical beach villa with thatched roof, swimming pool, and lush landscaping.

Designed by Elástica Studio in 2018, Coral House in El Salvador seamlessly blends modern architecture with the natural beauty of its coastal setting. Inspired by the homeowners’ love for the sea, this spacious and open house features striking coral stone floors and roofs, complemented by traditional Salvadoran building techniques. The design prioritizes integration with the lush surrounding gardens, creating a harmonious indoor-outdoor living experience.

Green House: Aoc architekti’s Sustainable Design in Prague

Warm-toned wooden ceiling beams, large windows, plush seating, and a tropical-themed wall art.

Discover the captivating Green House, a stunning residential villa designed by the renowned architecture firm Aoc architekti in Prague, Czech Republic. This 2023 project seamlessly blends sophisticated design, natural materials, and a harmonious connection to the surrounding garden cityscape. Featuring a distinctive green-colored façade and a focus on optimal lighting, the Green House offers a high-end living experience that celebrates the beauty of its riverfront location.

TreeLoft Apartment: Innovative Space Transformation in Lantau Island

Vibrant modern living space with colorful built-in storage and artwork accents.

Situated in the heart of Hong Kong, the TreeLoft Apartment by AGH+ | Architecture by Georges Hung + is a captivating transformation of a 1980s two-bedroom property. Designed in 2023, this modern apartment showcases an open, flexible, and vibrant living experience that seamlessly connects to the lush landscape of Lantau Island.

By removing excess partitions and upgrading the windows, the design team has created a space that celebrates authentic, eco-friendly art tech lifestyle and health-wellbeing living, while also providing easy access to the stunning outdoor greenery.

Eco Wise Haus: Maximizing Space with Eco-Friendly Design

FeaturedModern house with infinity pool overlooking mountains.

Discover the Eco Wise Haus, designed by Felipe Ortega Arquitectura in 2023. Located in Mataró, Spain, next to the Montnegre park, this house sets a new benchmark for sustainable living. Designed under PassiveHaus standards, it brings together energy efficiency and innovative use of space across 230 square meters. This two-family residence features 8 bedrooms, smart material choices, and is a testament to sustainable, modern architecture.