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Summer Mood by Egue y Seta

FeaturedSummer Mood by Egue y Seta

Dive into the epitome of staycation elegance with the Summer Mood house in Barcelona, Spain, a contemporary home fashioned by the imaginative minds at Egue y Seta. Perfectly encapsulating the joy of holidaying at home, this house curates an environment that rivals any travel destination, effortlessly blending indoor and outdoor living.

Bask in the sun by the pool, nestled right beside the living area, or find solace under the shade of a picturesque palm tree. The ‘all-inclusive’ charm extends to a stunning live-in kitchen, complete with an exquisite wine cellar and a south-facing outdoor barbecue area. Amid the vibrant culture and architectural prowess Barcelona is renowned for, you’ll find the Summer Mood home crafting a unique vacation-like atmosphere, with only the suitcase and jetlag missing. Allow us to welcome you to a lifestyle where everyday feels like a holiday, effortlessly embodying the #SummerMode.