Apartment in Barcelona by Egue Y Seta

Located in Barcelona, Spain, this contemporary apartment was designed by Egue Y Seta.

Description by Egue Y Seta

And just when we thought “open plan” was forever, that we would never build a new wall again, and that, with time, everyone would become used to showering in the middle of the living room… a sensible couple walks in, and asks us to “separate what God has united”.

The goal was to draw back into the house´s lay out a secluded private area clearly separated from a more extroverted realm. Even if this implied “undoing” all what had been previously invested in the imposed process of turning it into a “loft” in order to adapt to one of the longer lasting real state trends of the recent past. The outcome: a home that manages to reconcile purpose zone segregation with visual permeability, spaciousness and versatility.

Remember entrance halls? Who said you are not entitled to closing your bedroom door just because your home only has one? Should we keep calling “industrial” everything that includes four pieces of iron? How would you name a style that successfully combines material honesty and natural finishes with richly colored fabrics and bright greenery? Have you ever seen pets so gorgeous they should be on the cover of canine (but also design, art, and fashion) magazines?

This is the home of Piruleta: a golden retriever so pretty, we had to leave her out of the shooting so all the remaining décor wouldn’t be outshined.

Photography by Vicugo Foto

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- by Matt Watts

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