Apartment in Barcelona by Egue y Seta

Apartment in Barcelona is an inspiring home located in Barcelona, Spain, designed in 2017 by Egue y Seta.

Modern open-plan kitchen-living space with white cabinets, brick wall, and eclectic decor.
A modern, open-concept living room with brick walls, wooden furniture, and natural lighting.
A bright and airy living room featuring exposed brick walls, wooden flooring, and modern furnishings.
A bright, modern dining room with large windows, wooden furniture, and vibrant accents.
Cozy outdoor deck with panoramic glass walls, lush plants, and rustic furnishings.
A cozy rooftop terrace with a variety of seating options, plants, and outdoor decor.
Modern open-plan kitchen with minimalist cabinetry, hexagonal tiling, and integrated appliances.
Cozy, kid-friendly space with patterned textile tent, vibrant decor, and modern furnishings.
Modern bedroom with large windows, plush bedding, and a colorful textile wall hanging.
A cozy bedroom with a patterned throw, ladder, and large window overlooking a cityscape.
A modern bathroom featuring a round wall-mounted mirror, wooden vanity, and white subway tiles.

About Apartment in Barcelona

Nestled in the vibrant heart of Barcelona’s Dreta del Eixample district, the “Apartment in Barcelona” offers a serene retreat designed by Egue y Seta. Boasting views of the iconic Sagrada Familia, this modern apartment, conceptualized in 2017, serves as a temple to everyday life. It artfully combines Scandinavian minimalism with the warmth of Mediterranean style, reflecting the unique ethos of its cosmopolitan setting.

Merging Indoors and Outdoors

The journey begins in the expansive living area, where the outside world peeks through large windows, enriching the room with Barcelona’s lively ambiance. A soothing palette of grays and blues, accented with hints of brick red, creates a space that feels both cosmopolitan and comforting. The clean lines of the modern furniture stand in harmony with the vintage brick wall, a nod to the city’s architectural heritage.

A Culinary Canvas

Transitioning to the kitchen, functionality marries style against a backdrop of white hexagonal tiles. It’s a space designed not just for cooking, but for living, inviting B., R., and their son to create and share meals. The sleek, uncluttered lines of the cabinetry and countertops reflect the apartment’s modern sensibilities, offering a quiet counterpoint to the bustling city outside.

Intimate Sanctuaries

Each bedroom serves as a personal refuge, echoing the apartment’s design ethos. The master bedroom’s earthy textures and patterns speak to a worldly sophistication, while the child’s room, playful and imaginative, promises a space of joyful tranquility. In the bathroom, clean lines and a natural wood vanity exude an air of understated elegance, a tranquil corner for rejuvenation.

Emerging onto the terrace, the narrative culminates in a celebration of Barcelona’s urban landscape. This rooftop garden—a lush, verdant escape—offers a panoramic tableau of city life. Here, the essence of the apartment is distilled: an urban sanctuary that embraces the city’s vibrancy while offering a respite to its dwellers, a testament to Egue y Seta’s visionary design.

Photography by VICUGO FOTO

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- by Matt Watts