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Casa Shirocco: A Look Inside Ruffano’s Cozy Townhouse

Elegant modern kitchen and dining area with arched stone walls and contemporary furnishings.

Wrapped in the historical ambiance of Ruffano, Italy, Casa Shirocco, designed by Velz: Architetti, is a manifestation of serene living and simplistic elegance. This house embodies a blend of ancient charm and modern design principles. Velz: Architetti‘s intervention breathes new life into this traditional townhouse, making it a haven of light, space, and tranquility, while maintaining its historical essence.

Wilhelmina Chapel Transformation: Inside Maarssen’s Historical Home

FeaturedBright, airy space with arched window, wooden beams, and modern furnishings.

Discover the Wilhelmina Chapel Transformation, a project by Taanbaas in Maarssen, Netherlands. Once a historical chapel from 1901, it’s now a luxurious house that seamlessly integrates its original character with cutting-edge design. This unique residence showcases a bold removal of the ceiling to reveal wooden structures, a modern central block for essential facilities, and a garden-connecting rear façade.

Interno Marche: Inside the Design Mastery of Italy’s Iconic Hotel

Spacious, modern living room with large windows, plush leather sofa, and stylish decor.

Introducing Interno Marche, a masterpiece designed by ORAstudio located in Tolentino, Italy. This luxurious hotel stands out for its unique blend of historical beauty and contemporary design. Crafted within the walls of Villa Gabrielli, it offers a captivating journey through the world of iconic architects and artists, embodying the essence of modern luxury in a space steeped in cultural and architectural heritage.

House in Kutná Hora: Transforming History with Modern Design

Contemporary living room with a minimalist design, neutral tones, and a piano.

Discover the stunning renovation of the House in Kutná Hora, Czech Republic, by BYRÓ architekti. Designed in 2023, this historical home perfectly merges its rich past with innovative modern elements. Ideal for a family of five, the house boasts a clever use of light, color, and space to create an atmosphere where every room flows into the next, set against a backdrop of architectural evolution.