Wilhelmina Chapel Transformation: Inside Maarssen’s Historical Home

Discover the Wilhelmina Chapel Transformation, a project by Taanbaas in Maarssen, Netherlands. Once a historical chapel from 1901, it’s now a luxurious house that seamlessly integrates its original character with cutting-edge design. This unique residence showcases a bold removal of the ceiling to reveal wooden structures, a modern central block for essential facilities, and a garden-connecting rear façade.

Bright, airy space with arched window, wooden beams, and modern furnishings.
Spacious living area with arched windows, wooden beams, and tropical plants.
Spacious, modern living room with arched glass doors overlooking a lush outdoor patio.
A modern kitchen interior with a sleek grey island, wood dining set, and lush plants.
An airy, minimalist dining room with exposed wooden beams, a modern table, and a fireplace.
Rustic wooden beams adorn the airy, minimalist bedroom with arched window and neutral tones.
Elegant stone patio with arched glass doors, rustic wooden benches, and lush greenery.
A brick building with arched windows and a decorative roofline in a wooded setting.

About Wilhelmina Chapel Transformation

Historic Transformation: The Wilhelmina Chapel Redefined

Nestled in the heart of Maarssen, Netherlands, the Wilhelmina Chapel has undergone a metamorphosis. Spearheaded by designer Taanbaas in 2023, this 1901 edifice melds historical charm with modern living. The conversion breathes new life into the structure, carefully maintaining its original allure.

A Reverent Revival: Inside the Lofty Living Space

Upon entering, the removed ceiling captivates, revealing a wooden roof skeleton that soars above. The living area, a study in spaciousness, demonstrates a minimalist approach. Furnishings are curated to echo the chapel’s soulful past. Arched windows, a nod to ecclesiastical architecture, frame views of green tranquility.

Adjacent, a grand opening in the rear façade marries the living space with the outdoor garden. Daylight streams in, spotlighting the convergence of indoor elegance and natural splendor.

Meandering Through a Modern Sanctuary

The home’s heart lies in its kitchen, where a sleek island commands the center. Contemporary lines intersect with a traditional palette, accented by a striking black staircase that ascends with purpose. Nearby, the dining area introduces a communal essence, grounded by its proximity to the warmth of a wood stove.

In the personal quarters, simplicity reigns. The master bedroom showcases functional beams, a testament to the chapel’s framework. Serenity seeps from the monochromatic scheme, softened by natural light.

Concluding the tour, the exterior reveals the chapel transformed into a residential haven. This house, once a local relic, now stands as an architectural beacon—a vanguard of heritage-infused modernity.

Photography courtesy of Taanbaas
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- by Matt Watts