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Buitenverblijf Nest: A Unique Birdhouse-Inspired Getaway in the Netherlands

Sleek kitchen with wood accents and circular window.

Buitenverblijf Nest, designed by i29 in 2023, is a modern cottage nestled in the Netherlands’ Hoge Veluwe. This unique holiday home, inspired by a birdhouse, merges artistry with nature, offering a tranquil escape amidst treetops. Its sustainable design features and nature-inclusive approach highlight an innovative use of space and materials, redefining the experience of privacy and connection with the natural world.

Open Park Villa: A Study in Minimalism

FeaturedOpen Park Villa: A Study in Minimalism

Open Park Villa in Limburg, Netherlands, designed by i29, stands as a testament to minimalist architecture harmonizing with nature.

Set in a former military terrain turned residential park, the villa offers a unique living experience within its 43 spacious plots. The design emphasizes an open floorplan, blending indoor and outdoor spaces and accentuating light and perspective shifts. This residential masterpiece boasts custom furniture, rich materials like oak wood, and a consistent minimalist façade, creating a seamless interplay between architecture, interior, and landscape.