Buitenverblijf Nest: A Unique Birdhouse-Inspired Getaway in the Netherlands

Buitenverblijf Nest, designed by i29 in 2023, is a modern cottage nestled in the Netherlands’ Hoge Veluwe. This unique holiday home, inspired by a birdhouse, merges artistry with nature, offering a tranquil escape amidst treetops. Its sustainable design features and nature-inclusive approach highlight an innovative use of space and materials, redefining the experience of privacy and connection with the natural world.

Elevated, slender cabin with a gabled roof amid trees.
Minimalist interior with large windows and a circular porthole, opening to a
Minimalist room with circular window overlooking trees.
Modern room with sofa, round window, and open sliding door to balcony with trees
Sleek kitchen with wood accents and circular window.
Minimalist kitchen with wood paneling and circular windows.
Modern bathroom with white walls, round window, and wooden stool.
Minimalist stairway with wooden steps, white walls, round window, and a
A cozy attic bedroom with a round window and wooden walls.
Balcony with table and chairs overlooking a scenic landscape through glass doors.
Modern cabin with round windows peering through autumn leaves.

About Buitenverblijf Nest

Buitenverblijf Nest: Merging Nature and Design

In the heart of the Hoge Veluwe National Park in the Netherlands, Buitenverblijf Nest stands as a testament to innovative architectural design that harmonizes with its natural surroundings. Created by the renowned design studio i29 in 2023, this one-of-a-kind holiday home draws inspiration from the concept of a birdhouse, presenting a unique opportunity for guests to immerse themselves in the tranquil beauty of the forest.

The project, part of a special initiative by the Arnhem municipality, was developed on a historic site previously occupied by barracks. This area, now a vibrant community for artists and creative minds, hosts Buitenverblijf Nest as one of 11 specially designed follies. The design ethos behind these structures emphasizes camouflage and integration with the landscape, ensuring that each folly, while distinct, does not overshadow the natural beauty of Buitenplaats Koningsweg.

Sustainable Design Meets Ingenious Architecture

Buitenverblijf Nest exhibits an exemplary commitment to sustainability, boasting all-electric installations and a highly insulated exterior. The inclusion of solar panels further underscores its eco-friendly credentials, making it a true green retreat. However, it is the architectural ingenuity of Nest that captivates the most—the structure delicately balances on sleek black stilts, seamlessly blending into the treetops and offering unparalleled views and privacy.

The interior of Nest is a marvel of efficiency and design. The main living area, situated almost 26 feet (about 8 meters) off the ground, integrates a kitchen and lounge that opens onto a terrace facing the sunrise and sunset. This efficient use of space extends to the stairs cupboard that leads to a compact bathroom, with the bedroom area housed in the attic, providing a cozy retreat for up to four guests.

A Sanctuary for Wildlife and Guests Alike

Nest’s exterior is not just about aesthetic appeal; it serves as a sanctuary for local wildlife. The structure’s design incorporates nesting boxes for birds and shelters for bats, making it a haven for biodiversity. The choice of materials and the construction technique further minimize the impact on the environment, ensuring that Nest is as kind to its non-human inhabitants as it is to its human guests.

Buitenverblijf Nest represents a bold reimagining of what a holiday home can be. It’s not just a place to stay; it’s an experience that invites profound connection with nature. Through its sustainable design, innovative architecture, and commitment to biodiversity, Nest offers a rare blend of tranquility, privacy, and environmental consciousness, making it a true gem in the Netherlands’ architectural landscape.

Photography by Jeroen Musch
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- by Matt Watts