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Palazzo Sant’Anna: A Modern Retreat in Historic Lecce

Rustic stone walls, modern furniture, and vintage decor create a cozy, eclectic living space.

Nestled in the historic heart of Lecce, Italy, Palazzo Sant’Anna offers a unique hotel experience designed by Archigemma Studio in 2016. This luxurious property, once part of a grand monastery, merges ancient charm with contemporary elegance, showcasing art exhibitions and cultural events. Its design philosophy, emphasizing tranquility and thoughtful restoration, transforms the traditional into a serene retreat for body and soul.

Nordic Style Home by Marco Giovinazzo

Nordic Style Home by Marco Giovinazzo

Discover the chic Nordic Style Home by acclaimed designer Marco Giovinazzo, nestled in the heart of Lecce, Italy. Crafted in 2019, this captivating apartment fuses Nordic minimalism with a dash of eclectic charm, showcasing a unique interpretation of contemporary interior design.

Known for its rich Baroque architecture, Lecce serves as an enchanting backdrop for this design gem, amplifying its alluring fusion of old-world charisma and modern elegance.