Palazzo Sant’Anna: A Modern Retreat in Historic Lecce

Nestled in the historic heart of Lecce, Italy, Palazzo Sant’Anna offers a unique hotel experience designed by Archigemma Studio in 2016. This luxurious property, once part of a grand monastery, merges ancient charm with contemporary elegance, showcasing art exhibitions and cultural events. Its design philosophy, emphasizing tranquility and thoughtful restoration, transforms the traditional into a serene retreat for body and soul.

Rustic stone walls, modern furniture, and vintage decor create a cozy, eclectic living space.
Rustic stone walls, elegant chandelier, and well-designed kitchenette in this cozy space.
Ornate antique mirror frame, stone fireplace, wooden furniture, and minimalist decor.
Spacious room with rustic wooden furniture, vaulted ceilings, and a view of a church.
Spacious, minimalist bedroom with wooden furnishings, vaulted ceiling, and rustic charm.
A cozy bedroom with a vaulted stone ceiling, wooden furniture, and a modern light fixture.
Rustic stone wall, plush bedding, and warm wooden accents create a cozy retreat.
Rustic stone arched alcove with decorative wooden headboard, cozy bedroom setting.
Romantic rooftop setting with stone architecture, minimalist furniture, and decorative lighting.

About Palazzo Sant’Anna

A Symphony of Heritage and Modernity

Palazzo Sant’Anna, situated in Lecce’s historic core, bridges centuries. Once backing onto the 17th-century Sant’Anna church and its prestigious monastery, this ancient palace now shines as a hotel. It stands as a testament to the seamless blend of historical reverence and contemporary innovation conceived by Archigemma Studio in 2016. The design treats the building as a living body. Floors mirror human skin, smooth and expansive. Walls embody the soul’s depth. Each space tells a story of time halted—highlighted by a collection of clocks with still hands, symbolizing a haven from haste.

Design Details That Embrace Solace and Soul

At every turn, Palazzo Sant’Anna calls for contemplation and relaxation. A transparent elevator cuts through the building’s core, linking the ground with a terrace that confronts the sky. This architectural choice not only provides stunning views but also connects guests with the hotel’s tranquil spirit. Rooms, each with a unique character yet united in their pledge to silence and peace, cater to restful retreats. The on-site kitchen, visible to guests, prepares soul-nurturing concoctions from flavored waters to homemade sweets—further enhancing the body-soul connection.

Blending Art with Architecture

Palazzo Sant’Anna takes its role as a cultural beacon seriously, hosting art exhibitions and cultural events. These gatherings are not mere additions but integral to the hotel’s identity, bridging the gap between the local community and international visitors. The overarching architectural philosophy emphasizes transparency, airiness, and lightness, transforming the compact, amber-hued stone building into a weightless, almost ethereal structure. This philosophical and physical transformation invites guests to step through history’s thresholds into a sculpted space where every corner, every stone, speaks of past and present merged into timeless elegance.

Photography by Secret Puglia
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- by Matt Watts