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Torno Revealed: Eclectic Architecture at Its Finest

FeaturedOrnate walls, rich blues, and pops of green create a refined, cozy interior.

Discover Torno, an exquisite apartment designed by Lupettatelier in 2023, located in Torno, Italy. This real estate gem, nestled within the historic Villa Plinianina, harmoniously blends neogothic architecture with modern luxury. Experience how past elegance is intertwined with contemporary design, making it a perfect retreat for those who appreciate meticulous craftsmanship and style.

Palazzo Sant’Anna: A Modern Retreat in Historic Lecce

Rustic stone walls, modern furniture, and vintage decor create a cozy, eclectic living space.

Nestled in the historic heart of Lecce, Italy, Palazzo Sant’Anna offers a unique hotel experience designed by Archigemma Studio in 2016. This luxurious property, once part of a grand monastery, merges ancient charm with contemporary elegance, showcasing art exhibitions and cultural events. Its design philosophy, emphasizing tranquility and thoughtful restoration, transforms the traditional into a serene retreat for body and soul.

EHB: How Artistry and Architecture Elevate Culinary Experiences

Elegant dining room with intricate marble paneling, modern lighting, and plush seating.

EHB, designed by Chris Shao Studio in 2023, masterfully combines history, nature, and modernity into a singular hotel experience in Shanghai, China. Drawing inspiration from Chef Esben Holmboe Bang’s culinary philosophy, this project blends the rich botanical heritage of China with sleek Scandinavian design, creating a luxurious yet naturalistic environment. Nestled in the historical French Concession, EHB is a testament to refined elegance and architectural innovation.

Undone: A Tehran House with a Story in Every Wall

Modern interior with concrete pillars, staircase, and ambient lighting.

Embark on a journey with “Undone,” a house distinctive for its raw aesthetic in Tehran, Iran. Designed by Ontic Works Inc. in 2021, this project reimagines traditional living spaces. Amid socio-economic adversity, it stands as a monument to resilience, blending generations of history within its walls. Beyond its rugged facade, Undone harmoniously accommodates living, working, and dancing, challenging conventional privacy norms and fostering communal bonds.

San Mateo Renovation: Blending History with Modern Design in Madrid

Modern dining room with yellow chairs, wooden ceiling beams, and indoor plants.

Discover the San Mateo Renovation, an architectural marvel nestled in Madrid, Spain. This 2022 project by Ábaton transforms a 1930s apartment into a modern haven. Across 140 square meters, it features high ceilings, open spaces, and a blend of historical elements with contemporary design. Witness an exquisite blend of architecture, interior design, and innovation in this Spanish gem.

Hradby House: Where History Meets Modern Luxury

FeaturedModern living room with arched ceiling, gray tones, fireplace, and sleek furniture

Discover the Hradby House in the Czech Republic, designed by OOOOX in 2023. This house masterfully combines historical architectural elements with modern interior design, showcasing a luxurious living space that harmonizes the old and the new. With its preserved ancient walls juxtaposed against contemporary decor, this residence sets a new standard for modern living within a historical context.

Weekend House in Puigmoltó: A Modern Twist on Tradition

Minimalist interior with central fireplace, wooden floors, and white walls.

Immerse yourself in the Weekend House in Puigmoltó, designed by Aramé Studio, where historic charm meets contemporary living in Spain. This 2023 home renovation project skillfully marries the traditional with modern flexibility, enhancing natural light and redefining interior spaces. Discover how thoughtful design reimagines domestic privacy and spatial continuity in this unique Spanish abode.