EHB: How Artistry and Architecture Elevate Culinary Experiences

EHB, designed by Chris Shao Studio in 2023, masterfully combines history, nature, and modernity into a singular hotel experience in Shanghai, China. Drawing inspiration from Chef Esben Holmboe Bang’s culinary philosophy, this project blends the rich botanical heritage of China with sleek Scandinavian design, creating a luxurious yet naturalistic environment. Nestled in the historical French Concession, EHB is a testament to refined elegance and architectural innovation.

Elegant neoclassical mansion with ornamental columns, balconies, and a manicured garden.
Elegant dining room with intricate marble paneling, modern lighting, and plush seating.
Elegant dining area with modern pendant lighting, large windows, and a sophisticated decor.
Elegant dining area with large windows, wood paneling, and cozy seating.
Striking curved architectural elements, layered textures, and luxurious seating create an elegant, modern ambiance.
Cozy, rustic interior with wooden beams, stone fireplace, and plush leather furnishings.
Cozy rustic lounge with wooden beams, fireplace, and plush seating arrangement.
Ornate wooden beams, a central window, and a single lamp create an atmospheric space.
Dimly lit archway framing a modern built-in shelving unit, illuminated by wall sconces.

About EHB

Revolutionizing Hotel Design Through Culinary Inspiration

EHB stands as a monument to the fusion of culinary art and architectural innovation. At its core, EHB celebrates the intricate dance between nature and science, inspired by Chef Esben Holmboe Bang’s profound relationship with organic, biodynamic, and wild produce. This hotel, nestled in the historic French Concession of Shanghai, China, is a testament to the sustainable synergy between the old and the new, the organic and the man-made.

Blending History with Modernity

Once a residence for notable Chinese figures in the early 20th century, the villa now houses EHB. The building’s architecture pays homage to its storied past while embracing modernity. Guests are introduced to a luxurious setting where natural elements like wood, stone, and metal are artfully combined with Venetian plaster finishes. The result is an effortlessly elegant space that speaks to both the heritage of its locale and the pioneering spirit of Chef Holmboe Bang.

A Harmonious Culinary Venue

The design intricacies of EHB are most vividly displayed in its dining areas. The ground floor, an ode to China’s rich botanical history and the chef’s sustainable culinary practices, is a prelude to the Scandinavian design narrative that unfolds above. Here, the essence of Norway mingles with Chinese tradition, creating a dining experience that is as captivating visually as it is gastronomically.

Elevating the Dining Experience

The second-floor dining room adopts a minimalistic yet bold approach, focusing on dark, rich materials to set a serene dining atmosphere. The third floor, featuring a living room setup with an exposed truss ceiling and a central wine tasting room, invites diners into Chef Holmboe Bang’s personal culinary sanctuary. This space, complemented by Scandinavian furnishings and an original fireplace, allows for an intimate yet expansive dining experience.

EHB merges the past with the present, nature with architecture, and culinary arts with interior design, culminating in an unmatched hotel experience in Shanghai, China. Chris Shao Studio’s vision for EHB in 2023 has indeed set a new standard for hospitality design, where every detail contributes to a story of balance, refinement, and innovation.

Photography courtesy of Chris Shao Studio
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- by Matt Watts