Forest Hill Residence: A Masterpiece of Minimalism in Toronto

Nestled in Toronto, Canada, Forest Hill Residence is an exquisite Georgian-style apartment designed by Burdifilek in 2023. Highlighting a minimalist aesthetic, this family home combines neutral tones with intricate architectural details. Ideal for those seeking a serene retreat, it’s designed for a textile designer emphasizing quiet elegance and sophisticated simplicity.

Spacious living room with clean, modern design featuring a stone fireplace, plush seating, and large windows.
Elegant modern foyer with minimalist decor, geometric mirror, and fireplace focal point.
Sleek, minimal living space with modern furniture and fixtures, neutral color palette.
Sleek, modern dining room with a striking wood sculpture light fixture and black furnishings.
Sleek, minimalist interior design featuring black-and-white landscape photographs, plush chair, and stylish lamp.
Sleek, modern kitchen with dark accents, wooden cabinetry, and a large dining table.
Expansive modern interior with wood paneled walls, clean lines, and minimal furniture.
Modern living room with sleek wood paneling, built-in bar shelving, and a plush gray sofa.
Sleek, modern bathroom design with curved mirror, granite countertop, and minimalist faucet.
Minimalist spiral staircase with sleek black railing and round black table in modern room.
A modern, minimalist interior with a wooden door, black furniture, and a curved staircase.
Modern, minimalist bedroom with sleek wooden furniture, framed artwork, and a cozy seating area.
Minimalist bedroom with a wooden nightstand, a lamp, and a cozy-looking bed.
Modern, minimalist bathroom with sleek white vanity, mirrored cabinet, and textured wood accents.

About Forest Hill Residence

A Harmonious Blend of Minimalism and Luxury

In the heart of a tree-lined Toronto neighborhood, the Forest Hill Residence emerges as a gem of modern Georgian architecture. Designed by Burdifilek in 2023, this apartment redefines luxury with its minimalistic approach. The creator, Diego Burdi, renowned for his work in the luxury retail market, ventured into residential design, embracing challenges that push boundaries.

The design ethos of the Forest Hill Residence revolves around the concept of equilibrium. Clean lines and a reductive approach mark the interiors, removing commonplace elements like baseboards and door handles. Spaces flow seamlessly, divided by expansive thresholds that extend upwards to twelve feet (3.66 meters), transforming walls into canvases that capture the dynamic play of light.

Innovative Details and Materiality

Details in the Forest Hill Residence are meticulously crafted. A notable design strategy is the treatment of wall footers as bespoke furniture, adorned in bronze for an elegant finish. The selection of materials speaks volumes about the residence’s character. White marble, textured wallcoverings, and Canadian black granite pair with European white oak, setting a neutral yet rich tone throughout. The great room, a fusion of kitchen, dining, and living areas, features floor-to-ceiling custom oak cabinetry with integrated handles, concealing appliances and storage. A hidden bar, with its dark Macassar ebony finishes, adds a touch of drama.

Furnishings throughout the home are a thoughtful mix of curated pieces and custom designs. The dining room boasts a polished black stone table with nickel edges, underlining the home’s sophisticated aesthetic. A Thassos marble spiral staircase, illuminated by natural light, serves as a focal architectural element, leading to the private areas on the upper level.

A Sanctuary of Calm and Serenity

The Forest Hill Residence stands as a haven of calm, from the subtly modern interiors to the serene backyard terrace. The living spaces are conceived to foster tranquility, evidenced by the sparing use of colors and the emphasis on natural finishes. The residence is not just a home but a narrative of refined minimalism, where every detail contributes to a cohesive story of simplicity and elegance.

This unique combination of architectural precision and design restraint makes the Forest Hill Residence a testament to Burdifilek’s innovative approach to luxury residential projects. It serves as a tranquil retreat for its inhabitants, encapsulating the essence of modern Georgian design with a minimalist touch.

Photography by Doublespace
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- by Matt Watts