Hradby House: Where History Meets Modern Luxury

Discover the Hradby House in the Czech Republic, designed by OOOOX in 2023. This house masterfully combines historical architectural elements with modern interior design, showcasing a luxurious living space that harmonizes the old and the new. With its preserved ancient walls juxtaposed against contemporary decor, this residence sets a new standard for modern living within a historical context.

Modern living room with arched ceiling, gray tones, fireplace, and sleek furniture
Modern living room with arched brick ceiling, sectional sofa, and fireplace.
Modern living room with arched ceiling and minimalist furniture.
Contemporary room with a vaulted stone ceiling, circular wood table, and artistic
Minimalist kitchen with sleek dark cabinetry and wood accents.
Modern kitchen with a central island, black stools, and minimalist lighting.
Contemporary room with vaulted ceiling, large arched window, and unique pendant
Modern bedroom with exposed beams, black bed frame, and surrounding sheer curtains.
Elegant living room with exposed wooden beams and contemporary furnishings.
Elegant living room with exposed beams, grey sofas, and large windows.
Contemporary rustic living room with exposed beams and staircase.
Minimalist bedroom with exposed wooden ceiling beams and built-in headboard.
Modern bathroom with herringbone tiles, black fixtures, and wooden vanity.
Modern bathroom with a slanted ceiling, round mirror, and black sink vanity.
Modern bathroom with a built-in tub, herringbone tiles, and wooden ceiling

About Hradby

Modern Living Within Historical Walls: The Hradby House

Nestled in the heart of the Czech Republic, the Hradby House stands as a testament to the innovative design of OOOOX, completed in 2023. Skillfully marrying historical architecture with modern luxury, this bespoke residence embodies contemporary living in an ancient shell.

An Intricate Dance of Old and New

Upon entry, guests are immediately greeted by the living room. Here, the house’s preserved arched ceilings whisper the tales of yesteryear, contrasting with the clean lines of modern furniture and a sleek, steel-framed fireplace. Transitioning into the contiguous space, the open-plan design seamlessly blends the living area with a modern dining space, anchored by a striking chandelier that casts an angular dance of shadows across ancient stone.

Harmony in Design: The Culinary Core

Flowing effortlessly from the dining area lies the kitchen, a sleek, functional core where the warmth of wood cabinetry intersects with chic, matte-black appliances. A central island not only invites casual interaction but also displays the honed precision of modern culinary spaces.

Adjacent to the culinary haven, a secondary lounge basks in natural light. Large, arched windows break the monotony, offering serene views and introducing a tranquil ambiance perfect for morning reflections or an evening read.

Slumber in Style: A Sanctuary of Sleep

The journey continues upwards, where a masterful bedroom suite showcases the brilliant orchestration of space beneath exposed wooden beams. Clean lines dominate the room, with a prominent four-post bed stealing the spotlight. Voluminous drapes afford privacy and a soft textural contrast, emphasizing the room’s lofty dimensions.

In a cozy corner, a secondary living space presents itself. It features a plush armchair, perfect for savoring quiet moments, while an open, minimalist workspace reaffirms Hradby House’s balance between rest and productivity.

Capping off the interior exploration, the bathroom exemplifies refined simplicity. The sleek vanity, bold in its geometric clarity, complements the minimalist decor. A round mirror softens the room, reflecting a design ethos that champions poise and polish.

Hradby House stands as a paradigm of design dexterity, weaving the historical fabric of its locale with the thread of modern aesthetics. Each room tells a story, a narrative engrained in stone and wood, beckoning a new chapter of contemporary living within historic walls.

Photography by Martin Zeman

- by Matt Watts