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Alive + Well Austin: Inside the Healing Haven by Matt Fajkus Architecture

Warm, modern interior with wood-paneled ceiling, greenery, and glass walls.

Alive + Well Austin, designed by Matt Fajkus Architecture in 2019, stands as a beacon of holistic health in Bee Cave, Texas. This wellness center disrupts the ordinary with its innovative design, incorporating nature-inspired elements with modern aesthetics to create a sanctuary for mind, body, and spirit. It’s a unique real estate venture that pushes the boundaries of the typical wellness spa experience.

Descendant House: Multi-Generational Living in Austin

FeaturedDescendant House: Multi-Generational Living in Austin

Discover Descendant House in Austin, Texas, a 2019 creation by Matt Fajkus Architecture. This unique home unites three generations, blending private and communal spaces with a focus on harmony and interconnection. Featuring a distinct composition of masonry, wood, glass, and stucco, it offers varied interactions with the natural landscape while prioritizing accessibility.

Descendant House stands out for its innovative design, integrating family dynamics with stunning views and an innate connection to the outdoors.

Re-Open House: Nature-Infused Mid-Century Design

FeaturedRe-Open House: Nature-Infused Mid-Century Design

Discover the beauty of the Re-Open House, a stunning mid-century remodel by Matt Fajkus Architecture, located in the heart of Austin, Texas.

This single-story house features an open floor plan, natural materials, and a seamless connection to nature. Respecting the original home’s scale and style, the renovation creates a space that is both aesthetically pleasing and highly functional, celebrating the owner’s personality and collections.