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Casa Trem: Exploring the Organic Design of a Brazilian Home

A modern, glass-walled home nestled in lush greenery, with a cozy seating area and minimalist decor.

In the heart of São Paulo, Brazil, ARKITITO Arquitetura has crafted a captivating artist couple’s atelier house, Casa Trem. Designed in 2022, this single-story, flat construction seamlessly blends with the natural clearings of the regenerated forest terrain, offering a unique interplay of groundedness and aerial views. Featuring a sequence of solid and void spaces, the project’s organic yet straight design showcases the interplay of solidity and lightness, with glass enclosures highlighting the raw, natural light.

T House by Studio Course

T House by Studio Course

Welcome to an exploration of the T House – a testament to minimalistic, contemporary design set in the heart of Gujarat, India. With an intriguing blend of contemporary and mid-century modern aesthetics, the T House has been meticulously crafted by the talented minds at Studio Course, embracing a philosophy of sustainable simplicity and elegant functionality.

Balancing internal constraints with a harmonious connection to the outdoors, this property resonates with the essence of local craftsmanship and natural light, offering an enduring legacy of fine design that beautifully merges with its surroundings.