Kaji Office by HW Studio

Kaji Office designed in 2019 by HW Studio, is a minimalist office space located in Morelia, Mexico.

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About Kaji Office

Historical Roots and Modern Revival

HW Studio now occupies the very spot that once housed the wood drying ovens of Señal, a renowned furniture factory. Don Shoemaker, a leading Mexican furniture designer of the 20th century, owned this iconic establishment. After the factory’s closure, the ovens lay dormant. Recognizing an opportunity, we decided to breathe new life into them, crafting our studio from these remnants.

Bridging Two Dynamic Spaces

We seamlessly connected two distinct areas with a broad transition. This innovative design effortlessly marries the technical workspace to the conceptual zone.

A Nurturing Technical Domain

Dominating the technical space stands “the altar”—a robust table where architectural magic happens. Here, our newest team members work, their seats strategically facing the building’s lone window. This arrangement offers them glimpses of lively scenes, breaking monotony. Moreover, a verdant patio, adorned with Mexican ash-trees and jacarandas, lies just beyond the window.

The Theoretical Oasis

Then, there’s the theoretical workspace. Uniquely, it remains detached from the outer world. Zenithal lighting bestows upon it a hallowed aura, reminiscent of sacred sanctuaries. This introspective realm captivated us, as meditation plays a pivotal role in our artistic journey. Furthermore, the persistent glow from its skylight echoes Luís Barragán’s words: “Let us not see the neighbors, let us see God”.
Photography courtesy of HW Studio

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- by Matt Watts