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East 22nd Street Loft No. 03: Transforming a Compact NYC Apartment

Bright, spacious room with modern furniture and striking architectural features.

Transforming a compact New York City apartment into an inviting oasis, the East 22nd Street Loft No. 03 by acclaimed design studio Messana O’Rorke showcases their expertise in spatial optimization. This one-bedroom apartment, located in the Flatiron district, has undergone a series of renovations that seamlessly blend function and aesthetics, creating a harmonious living experience.

American Australian Association Murdoch Center: Transforming Midtown Manhattan with Flexible Hospitality Design

Sleek wooden slat walls and vibrant orange sofa create a warm, modern living space.

The American Australian Association (AAA) recently unveiled its new Murdoch Center in the heart of Midtown Manhattan, designed by renowned architecture firm Woods Bagot. This state-of-the-art cultural center blends flexible office spaces with versatile event areas, providing a dynamic hub for strengthening ties between Australia and the United States.

Featuring a seamless integration of hospitality and functionality, the design incorporates custom movable furnishings and exposed ceilings that create a gallery-like atmosphere, perfectly suited for the AAA’s rotating arts programming.

Dassai Brewery: A Fusion of Japanese Tradition and Modernity

A modern, wooden-roofed building surrounded by a vibrant autumn landscape and a walkway.

A state-of-the-art sake brewery, the first of its kind in the northeastern United States, has transformed a former grocery store in New York’s Hyde Park. Designed by the renowned Pelli Clarke & Partners, the 55,000-square-foot Dassai Brewery harmonizes traditional Japanese architecture with contemporary hospitality elements, offering visitors a unique experience and an advanced brewing facility.

1WSQ: Elevating the Modern Office with Vocon’s Design

Modern open-plan office space with sleek granite bar, pendant lighting, and lush plant decor.

Introducing 1WSQ, a stunning new office development in Brooklyn, New York, designed by the acclaimed architecture firm Vocon. Crafted to evoke the exclusivity of a members-only club, the 5,400 square-foot amenity space on the 15th floor features a captivating blend of industrial elements and sophisticated design. Inspired by the sapphire brick exterior, the custom bar, named “The Garden,” serves as a striking centerpiece, complemented by custom blue banquettes and a harmonious palette of warm woods, metals, and soothing greenery.

Of Good Water: Modernist Beach House in Amagansett

FeaturedModern, glass-walled home with sleek design, surrounded by lush greenery and a tranquil pool.

This modernist beach house in Amagansett, New York, designed by Martin Architects in 2020, seamlessly blends indoor and outdoor living. The open trellis design and organic material palette, including bleached white oak and dark-stained cedar, create a cohesive connection between the home and its lush, mature landscape setting. Large windows throughout frame stunning views of the property’s pool and gardens, offering a serene and tranquil retreat.

Harbor View: Thoughtful Design Brings Natural Light to NYC House

Sleek modern home with a stunning pool surrounded by lush greenery and shady trees.

Showcasing a harmonious blend of indoor-outdoor living, the Harbor View residence, designed by the renowned Martin Architects, presents a captivating example of modern architecture in New York, United States. Featuring thoughtful planning that allows natural light to permeate the lower level, this house seamlessly integrates the warm textures of wood-paneled walls with the serene pools and gardens that surround it, creating a seamless transition between the built and natural environments.

Pike & Pond: Tranquil Waterfront Home by Oza Sabbeth

Modernist building with wooden siding and simple geometric forms nestled among trees.

Nestled in the picturesque town of Sag Harbor, United States, the Pike & Pond house is a stunning example of modern architecture crafted by the renowned Oza Sabbeth Architects. Designed in 2018, this single-family home masterfully curates the experience of its residents, seamlessly transitioning from the bustling street to the tranquil Pond beyond.

With a focus on materiality and siting, the project showcases a unique blend of design elements that create a harmonious and private living environment.

Corwith Residence: Blurring Indoor-Outdoor Living in New York

Contemporary architectural design with large glass doors, dark exterior, and surrounding greenery.

Situated in the heart of New York, the Corwith Residence showcases the exceptional design prowess of Martin Architects. This contemporary house features a thoughtful interplay between indoor and outdoor spaces, seamlessly blending the two through an addition with ceiling-height glazed doors. The conscious decision to expand the driveway has allowed for a meditative bluestone patio and an inground pool with an infinity edge, creating a harmonious retreat from the bustling city.