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Large House Rethink: Revamped Oceanfront Home in Fire Island

FeaturedSleek, modern architecture featuring extensive glass panels, wood siding, and an inviting pool.

Bromley Caldari Architects‘ recent project, the Large House Rethink, showcases a comprehensive renovation and enlargement of an oceanfront house on Fire Island, New York. This 2022 design transformed the property, raising the entire structure to comply with FEMA floodplain regulations, while also recladding the building, replacing fenestration, and completely redesigning the interior. The result is a bold, bright, and light-filled house tailored for entertaining and beachside living.

Residence A1: Elegant Taiwanese Apartment Designed by Andy Nien

FeaturedSleek, modern interior with wooden cabinetry, tile flooring, and built-in shelving.

Designed by the renowned Andy Nien Architects, Residence A1 in Taiwan is a captivating apartment project that showcases a delicate balance of simplicity and charm. This 2024 design caters to an affluent entrepreneurial couple seeking a modest yet inviting space to unwind after their busy schedules. The predominantly gray and white color palette is accentuated by a harmonious blend of warm materials, including stucco, wood veneers, and translucent stone, creating a solid and visually appealing texture throughout the residence.

Clearwater: A Modern Renovation of a 1970s Rustic House

A modern, rustic cabin with a combination of wood, metal, and glass elements.

Set within a rolling grove of Oaks in New York, NY, United States, the Clearwater house designed by Martin Architects in 2021 showcases a stunning blend of modern and rustic elements. This 1970s-inspired residence has been meticulously updated, featuring two contemporary flat-roofed dormers that create a double-story space with a new mezzanine bedroom and bath overlooking the serene estuary leading to Gardiners Bay.

Edge of Woods: Maximizing Solar Gain in New York Home

A modern, two-story home with clean lines, large windows, and a reflection pool in the foreground.

Designed by renowned architecture firm Martin Architects, the Edge of Woods house in New York, NY, United States, is a captivating example of modern residential design. Sited to maximize natural light and connectivity with the surrounding mature plantings, this project showcases a harmonious interplay between light, texture, and vernacular influences. The design’s simple, elegant form is rich in its geometries, emphasizing the unifying concept of a home as a living machine.

Hither Hills: Montauk Hillside Retreat by Martin Architects

FeaturedSleek modern house with pool, surrounded by lush greenery and a serene natural setting.

Montauk’s Hither Hills House by Martin Architects is a stunning example of modern, nature-inspired design. Blending seamlessly with the surrounding landscape, this contemporary residence features a thoughtful interplay of indoor and outdoor living spaces. Engineered and natural materials create a harmonious plateau, where a private lower level nestles into the hillside and an elevated infinity pool carves into the earth above. A curated material palette of shou sugi ban, dark metal, glass, exposed concrete, and fine stucco unifies the property’s distinctive elements, resulting in a synthesized architectural composition.

Plaza Residence: A Seamless Blend of Modern Design and Heritage

Sleek, modern living space with plush velvet seating, marble accents, and framed artwork.

Welcome to the Plaza Residence, a masterpiece of apartment design by gne Architecture, crafted in 2015 in New York, NY, United States. This luxurious property harmoniously blends contemporary aesthetics with the historical essence of its building, originally a landmark hotel now transformed into a condominium. The design allows the interiors to capture expansive views of Central Park, incorporating modern elements like marble wainscot and muted herringbone floors that pay tribute to its rich heritage.

Central Park South Apartment: Seamless Design Meets Functionality

A spacious, minimalist living area with modern furniture, artwork, and built-in shelving.

Designed by Glickman Schlesinger Architects in 2023, the Central Park South Apartment offers a tranquil, meditative space optimized for views of Central Park. With a focus on maximizing natural light, the 1,700 sq ft (158 sq m) interior features seamless integrated storage and a clever layout that enhances living space fluidity. The design incorporates a sophisticated palette and custom furnishings, creating a unique blend of functionality and style in this urban haven.

John A. Paulson Center: NYU’s Hub for Innovation and Interaction

Striking wooden slat ceiling curves above vibrant color-blocked lounge seating.

The John A. Paulson Center by KieranTimberlake, situated in New York’s vibrant Manhattan, sets a new standard for urban green space in education. This LEED Gold-certified building not only serves NYU’s academic needs with its array of classrooms and performing arts facilities but also promotes environmental responsibility through sustainable design. Its unique location and innovative layout facilitate a dynamic learning environment, fostering connections within the NYU community and the city beyond.