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Aurora House: A One-Level Marvel in Brazilian Architecture

FeaturedContemporary house with patterned concrete wall and flat roof.

Aurora House, designed by Nommo Arquitetos in 2022, stands as a private haven in Pinhais, Brazil. This ground-level residence, embracing an “L” configuration, showcases a delicate balance between social and private spaces, wrapped in exposed concrete and enriched by local Araucarias. The design, focusing on natural ventilation, thermal protection, and integration with the surroundings, offers a unique living experience that highlights the beauty of the Serra do Mar.

Juvevê Apartment: Curitiba’s Canvas of Modern Living

Modern open-plan kitchen and dining area with neutral colors and wooden accents.

Explore the Juvevê Apartment in Curitiba, Brazil, a 2022 creation by Nommo Arquitetos. This modern apartment is a fusion of art and functionality, tailored for a visual artist. It features a dual-level design for social and private spaces, with distinctive elements like an acid glass kitchen door and a light, perforated metal staircase. Earthy tones and textures reflect the resident’s ceramic influence, making it a uniquely personal and aesthetic dwelling.

Vertice House: Modern Living in Curitiba

FeaturedVertice House: Modern Living in Curitiba

Vertice House in Curitiba, Brazil, designed by Nommo Arquitetos in 2022, redefines family living on an unconventional “V”-shaped lot. This modern two-story home, crafted for a family of four, integrates a large garden, prioritizing outdoor space and privacy. The design cleverly organizes living spaces through distinct materials and strategic positioning, ensuring natural light and ventilation.

With a focus on thermal efficiency, the house features intelligent hot water and solar energy systems, creating a harmonious blend of comfort, privacy, and eco-friendly living.

House AC by Nommo Arquitetos

FeaturedHouse AC by Nommo Arquitetos

Nestled in the picturesque city of Curitiba, Brazil, House AC emerges as a testament to modern, intuitive design. Designed by Nommo Arquitetos in 2019, this contemporary house ingeniously utilizes its 650.00m² (6996.54 square feet) plot, ingeniously divided into three storeys that rise and fall with the land’s 4-meter (13.12 feet) natural elevation.

Showcasing a harmonious balance between sunlight, privacy, and the terrain, House AC blends subtly into the surrounding landscape while offering innovative living spaces, exemplifying the exciting potential of contemporary architecture in a vibrant, urban setting.