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FR House: Upside-Down Design Meets Nature

Modern concrete house with large windows, framed by green foliage.

Explore the FR House, designed by CAZA – Carlos Arnaiz Architects, in Punta Fuego, Philippines. This 2023 concrete modern home merges with the waterfront landscape, offering breathtaking South China Sea views. Its unique upside-down layout places social areas above and private spaces below, linked through innovative pools and skylights.

Emphasizing natural ventilation, the FR House uses cast-in-place concrete for thermal efficiency, creating a sophisticated yet playful environment where each room uniquely frames ocean, sky, or garden vistas.

Courtyard House by Alao

Courtyard House by Alao

Unveiling a hidden gem in Manila, Philippines, the Courtyard House, a marvel of modern architecture and interior design. This captivating two-story house was elegantly redesigned in 2013 by renowned designer, Alao. Ensconced in a city known for its rich cultural heritage, the Courtyard House offers a serene and stylish escape from the bustling streets, showcasing the brilliance of modern design elements in a traditional setting.

Join us as we journey into this unique property and discover the blend of beauty, sophistication, and creativity that makes it a standout!