Industrial Studio by M+S Studio

Designed by M+S Studio, this modern industrial studio apartment is located in the Philippines.

A cozy and modern living space with geometric patterned rug, wooden shelves, and lush greenery.
Modern industrial-inspired dining room with wire pendant lights, glass-top table, and wood-accented furnishings.
Cozy, modern apartment with chic furnishings, sleek shelving, and natural light.
Spacious living room with modern furniture, shelving, and natural lighting.
A cozy, rustic kitchen with wooden walls, pendant lighting, and a potted plant adding a touch of greenery.
Rustic wooden shelving, computer desk, and stylish black chairs in a modern home office.
Sleek industrial-style home office with wooden shelves, desk, and modern chairs.
Sleek, modern bathroom with gray tile, wood accents, and open shelving.

About Industrial Studio

Welcome to Industrial Studio, a contemporary take on studio apartment living by M+S Studio. Situated in the bustling heart of the Philippines, this modern real estate offering presents a blend of functionality and style that resonates with the urban dweller.

Modern Design Meets Urban Lifestyle

Crafted in the recent design wave, Industrial Studio introduces a striking facade that balances the raw textures of concrete with the warm tones of wood. The exterior stands out in its simplicity, a modern addition to the Philippine urban landscape. With a focus on clean lines and practicality, the design invites residents into a space that speaks of contemporary city living.

An Interior Woven with Style and Purpose

Inside, the studio unfolds in a logical sequence of spaces, each area smoothly leading to the next. The living area greets with its purposeful arrangement, mixing cozy cushions and geometric patterns against a backdrop of neutral tones and raw surfaces. Shelves adorned with greenery and personal touches give life to the walls, while a patterned rug anchors the space.

Transitioning to the private quarters, the bedroom continues the modern aesthetic. With a keen eye for detail, M+S Studio has designed a retreat that maximizes space without sacrificing style. The seamless integration of storage solutions in wooden tones provides both warmth and functionality, reflecting a thoughtful approach to compact living.

The kitchen area serves as a hub of daily activity, showcasing sleek lines and built-in appliances that maximize efficiency. Here, the use of wood and metal creates a cohesive look that is both inviting and modern. The open shelving introduces an element of openness, encouraging a free flow of culinary creativity.

A step away, the bathroom presents a sanctuary with its clean lines and well-appointed fixtures. The glass enclosure and metal accents bring an industrial touch, while the tiled walls in varying shades create a visual connection to the rest of the apartment.

Crafted for Connectivity and Comfort

The work area is a testament to the modern need for connectivity. A sleek desk setup, flanked by natural elements and open shelving, offers a space where focus and inspiration coexist. Industrial-style lighting fixtures not only illuminate the space but also add to the studio’s overarching aesthetic.

In conclusion, Industrial Studio by M+S Studio encapsulates the essence of modern living in the Philippines. With its clever use of space and contemporary design elements, it offers a refreshing interpretation of what it means to live well in the city. This studio apartment is not just a place to stay; it’s a blueprint for urban life, reimagined.

Photography courtesy of M+S Studio

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- by Matt Watts