KG Interior by INT2architecture

Situated in Saint Petersburg, Russia, KG Interior is a Scandinavian-style apartment designed in 2017 by INT2architecture.

Modern living room with green sofa, wooden chair, and unique wall art.
Minimalist room with herringbone floor and a large bookshelf, person browsing
Modern kitchen with wooden accents and dining table set near a fireplace.
Contemporary kitchen with herringbone wood ceiling and a person cooking.
Chic, monochromatic kitchen with minimalist wooden cabinets and geometric lighting.
Modern minimalist dining area with wooden furniture and textured wall.
Minimalist studio apartment with neutral tones and clean lines.
Minimalist bedroom with grey bed, white walls, pendant light, and side table
Minimalist bedroom with neutral tones, wooden furniture, and a geometric light fixture.
Minimalist bedroom with a neutral color palette and clean lines.
Contemporary bathroom with geometric tiles and sleek fixtures.
Modern bathroom with a freestanding tub, wooden vanity, geometric floor, and a ladder towel rack.
Modern bathroom with geometric floor tiles, glass shower, and beige walls.

About KG Interior

Welcome to KG Interior, a paragon of Scandinavian design nestled in the heart of Saint Petersburg, Russia. Designed in 2017 by the acclaimed INT2architecture, this apartment is a testimony to minimalism fused with functional elegance.

Scandinavian Simplicity Meets Russian Elegance

As you step inside, the living room greets you with its understated luxury. Clean lines and a neutral palette create a calming atmosphere, while the playful light fixture adds a touch of whimsy. The furnishings are carefully curated, marrying comfort with the timeless design characteristic of INT2architecture.

Transitioning to the kitchen, functionality reigns supreme. A blend of natural wood and modern appliances illustrates the seamless integration of style and practicality. The space is optimized for ease of movement, making it a chef’s dream and a design aficionado’s delight.

A Harmonious Flow of Spaces

Next, the bedroom serves as a serene retreat. Soft textiles and a gentle color scheme invite relaxation, while ample natural light brings the space to life. Each element is intentional, creating a haven that is both restful and aesthetically pleasing.

The bathroom follows, echoing the apartment’s ethos of tranquility and clean design. Here, geometric tiles provide a subtle nod to classic Russian motifs, while contemporary fixtures ensure a luxurious experience.

Refined Details in Every Corner

Finally, the study offers a quiet corner for contemplation and creativity. Bookshelves display a curated selection, reflecting the resident’s intellect and style. This space confirms that in KG Interior, beauty and function are not mutually exclusive; they are exquisitely intertwined.

KG Interior is more than an apartment; it’s a lifestyle statement crafted by INT2architecture. It stands as a beacon of Scandinavian design, demonstrating that even in the bustling city of Saint Petersburg, one can find a slice of serene, thoughtful living.

Photography courtesy of INT2architecture

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- by Matt Watts