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Villa il Gioiello: Pierattelli’s Striking Florentine Residence

FeaturedElegant, high-ceilinged room with ornate mirror frames, arched doorways, and a distinctive pendant light.

Villa il Gioiello, a stunning 700-square-meter house in Florence, Italy, designed by the renowned Pierattelli Architetture in 2025, seamlessly blends past memories with contemporary functions. This sophisticated residence, situated among the city’s iconic hills, preserves the ancient atmosphere and soul of the location, while incorporating works of art from renowned 20th-century artists, creating a continuously evolving story.

Pieve Aldina: Where Tuscan Farmhouse Meets Modern Luxury

Pieve Aldina: Where Tuscan Farmhouse Meets Modern Luxury

Unveiling the timeless allure of Pieve Aldina, Pierattelli Architetture skillfully marries the soulful authenticity of traditional Tuscan farmhouse design with contemporary finesse.

Nestled amidst the verdant landscapes of Radda in Chianti, Italy, this boutique hotel’s enchanting ambiance is steeped in history. From the 10th-century parish church to the three lovingly restored residences, each element exudes a rustic elegance that perfectly complements the charm of this renowned wine region. Celebrating the harmony of past and present, Pieve Aldina invites guests to luxuriate in its tranquil surroundings and savour the pleasure of life governed by nature’s rhythm.