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Lark House: Mid-Century Home Meets Contemporary Style

FeaturedCozy midcentury living room with wood-paneled ceiling, fireplace, and eclectic decor.

Explore the Lark House in Seattle, WA, a striking testimony of thoughtful architecture meeting modern functionality. Originally crafted by Al Bumgardner in 1958, this private house was redesigned in 2023 by SHED Architecture & Design. The renovation emphasizes openness, natural light, and scenic connections, seamlessly integrating historical reverence with contemporary living demands. From bespoke casework to a reimagined kitchen, each space harbors a blend of vintage allure and modern design.

Lake Washington Remodel: Bringing New Life to an Old House

FeaturedLake Washington Remodel: Bringing New Life to an Old House

On the shores of Seattleā€™s Lake Washington, SHED Architecture & Design created a family compound with a carefully designed solution to bring together an old and new structure.

For the primary residence, SHED remodeled the existing house and added new decks to extend the living space outdoors. The boathouse and guest quarters offer a small refuge for reflection, boat storage, and a garage, all while anchoring the west side of the property. The exterior is formed on white brick walls, with a darker volume clad in Japanese cypress and metal paneling. With its beautiful views and cozy interiors, this family compound is sure to become a beloved home for years to come.